Tata Trent Ltd. Launches Landmark Xcite, a New Concept Store

Tata Trent Ltd. plans to launch three more stores by the end of 2020.
Landmark Xcite

Trent Ltd. from Tata Group is all set to create a new wave in the retail sector as it launched a whole new innovative concept store under the name Landmark Xcite. The new format brings together a new brand identity along with X, which is a unisex abstract human form representing genderless, colorless and everyone who has a creative spirit, a new logo and a new brand design.

Spread across 5,000 sq. ft., this new store in Andheri, Mumbai is designed to unify, celebrate and promote creativity, innovation and fun and will target Gen Z’s, millennials and customers with an appetite for Insta-friendly hangout spots.

Ekta Saran, Head, Landmark Xcite, said, “Trent group has always innovated and tested new opportunities. It is a special occasion for us as we introduce a new concept store with Landmark Xcite which would stand out. A new set of customers, Gen Z and millennials are emerging and this concept store is designed to engage with these target audience for a long term.  As we unveil Landmark Xcite, we take another step towards staying committed to our promise of providing unique, innovative and offbeat experiences to our customers. We are planning to launch three more Landmark Xcite stores by the end of 2020.”

This store has many additions to the brand’s portfolio to cater to the growing demands of discerning customer. One can now choose from an array of products, from categories such as tech, games, books, stationary, décor, t-shirts, beauty, accessories and much more. The store will also house a curated range of products with icon X, which is sure to elevate moods and create an exciting, vibrant environment. With its diverse range of products and own merchandise, Landmark Xcite will offer an unparalleled shopping experience to its customers.

Umashan Naidoo, Head of Customer, Landmark Xcite, stated, “Fun was the big idea when we started designing the store, oriented on the twin axis of innovation and best experience. We decided to be fixated on style, Insta-Selfie friendly locations, new experience and super value. Our aim is to consciously add excitement and surprise to everyday using our icon X. We will create a community table that will allow customers to play board games, chill, catch up on trends and discover themselves. This concept store will flex its product offer basis what’s trending on the street and fill happiness in shopping bags. The store surely will resonate with the brand’s promise of adding excitement to everyday life.”

The story of X unfolds 1000 lightyears away in the landmark universe. It is a fantasy land where unexpected is the norm and stereotypes in genders, beliefs, colors and races cease to exist. The land is inhabited by Xcites, who are bubbly jelly like shape-shifters with a human like resemblance. They are dynamic and adaptive. Among the Xcites, Mr.X, a jelly good fellow, is here on Earth to let humans experience the buzz of the Landmark Universe in an Xciting way.

“From conceptualization to delivery, this store was brought to life in six months flat. Piyush Bhandari & Tuhin Roy from Jumping Goose, a Bangalore based creative agency, along with Trent Ltd. imagined the entire concept of this retail store and with the help of Roma Desai from Creer Consulting the store design was put to life. It was a great experience to work with such young, dynamic and talented companies,” Umashan added.

The concept and idea was to create a store that has a flow and will make customer experience everything be it technology, beauty, fashion, décor or gaming.  The new store, with its youthful radiance, has everything to pump up your new room. Keeping in mind the current times, store has taken extra precautions to ensure safety of its valued customers.

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