The Good Glamm Group Announces International Division

Alongside the formation of the Good Brands Co, Good Media Co and Good Creator Co, the Good Glamm Group announced its International Division with plans to expand to the Middle East and Southeast Asia.
The Good Glamm Group Announces International Division

The Good Glamm Group, South Asia’s largest content-creator-commerce beauty & personal care conglomerate, has announced its international division and unveiled its overall group structure. This move reflects the Group’s focus on unlocking structural efficiencies while building revenue synergies as it consolidates the successful integration of its 11 acquisitions in the past year. 

Led by Group Founder & CEO Darpan Sanghvi, Group Co-founders Priyanka Gill & Naiyya Saggi, the structure consolidates Good Glamm Group companies into independent Brands, Media, and Creator divisions: Good Brands Co. led by Sukhleen Aneja; Good Media Co. led by Priyanka Gill and Good Creator Co. led by Sachin Bhatia along with the International Business division maximizing revenue potential for all beauty and personal care brands in the group. This consolidation unlocks structural efficiencies within each division while also driving cross-division revenue synergies, which will allow each division to be independently profitable.    

The international division opens new markets for the Group’s brands and is being led by FMCG industry veteran Asad Raza Khan who has been appointed Global Commercial Officer, the Good Glamm Group. Asad has over 17 years of experience at Procter & Gamble with stints in London, Geneva, Dubai, and South Asia.  In his last role, Asad led and built Art of Shaving’s global business and operations outside of the USA. The Good Glamm Group has earmarked Rs 100 crores investment for international expansion. Over the next 3 months, various brands of the Group will launch in international markets with top retailers both online & offline ensuring the right focus is given to each brand globally. 

Speaking on the announcement, Darpan Sanghvi, Group Founder & CEO, The Good Glamm Group commented, “We are extremely excited to have Asad on board as we provide a common global sales and distribution platform for all the brands in our Group, a part of our efforts to create a consolidated Group Structure which allows not just for structural and cost efficiencies but also significant revenue synergy opportunities. With most of the Series D fundraising capital still in the bank, we have set ourselves an ambitious revenue run rate target of $400 million by March 2023 for the current organic business with a clear mandate to be profitable.”

Commenting on joining the international division, Asad Raza Khan, Global Commercial Officer, The Good Glamm Group said, “I am thrilled to join Good Glamm Group and build the international team from ground zero. The international division gives Good Brands Co. an opportunity for global growth leveraging the group’s content-creator-commerce moat as well as the central infrastructure for strong offline and online growth.  We aspire to build our brands across offline channels, e-marketplaces, and DTC via leveraging the growth and digital marketing capabilities of the group already in place.” 

Adding to this, Priyanka Gill, Co-Founder, The Good Glamm Group further added “With the formation of the Good Brands Co, Good Media Co., and Good Creator Co. we are consolidating the overall structure of the Good Glamm Group to reflect our content-creator-commerce strategy. Core functions are being integrated between the various companies within each of the three divisions which has led to efficiencies through the removal of role duplications and allows for each division to be independently profitable. We are super excited to build the Good Glamm Group as a global DTC house of brands, powered by content and creators.”

“As the Good Glamm Group, we have a strong first-mover advantage. It has been amazing to see all the acquisitions integrate so well and our brands scale up. Our brands have grown significantly post-acquisition. We continue to focus on generating brand love and are building out and further strengthening deeply engaged user communities across all divisions of the group,” Naiyya Saggi, Co-Founder, The Good Glamm Group stated.

With this announcement, the Good Glamm Group also confirms that it is in the last stage of the acquisition of social commerce company Bulbul, founded by Sachin Bhatia.  Bulbul is India’s first live streaming video shopping app. The core functionality of Bulbul will be added to the Good Creator Co. technology and product stack and the Bulbul brand will be sunsetted. Sachin Bhatia is joining the Good Glamm Group as the CEO of Good Creator Co. 

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