The Good Glamm Group Doubles Down on its Content-to-Commerce Strategy
The Good Glamm Group Doubles Down on its Content-to-Commerce Strategy

Good Media Co, one of India’s largest digital media companies doubles down on video content to further accelerate Good Glamm Group’s content-to-commerce strategy. 

This strategic move results from analyzing content consumption patterns of users who have now moved towards short video formats. The demand for video-based content has gone up and as a result of this shift, Good Media Co will also focus on the same direction to significantly increase its reach and viewership. 

Over the past year, time spent on short video content has increased drastically, which has also been reflected on YouTube and Instagram focusing on YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels respectively. At present, Good Media Co produces 150 videos and generates 200 million video views per month and is looking at increasing the output to producing 300 videos per month with the aim to generate 500 million views per month across the group. The strategic move to increase video content output will increase the reach of Good Media Co by 150 percent. 

The content mix of Good Media Co. platforms like POPxo, ScoopWhoop, MissMalini, and BabyChakra will still include articles and social media graphics with a significant emphasis on the video format. Along with producing video content for its digital media platforms and sponsored videos for external brands, the Good Media Co. also runs the entire video production for the Good Glamm Group brands including video and still assets. This internal capability acts as a force multiplier for all G3 brands helping them scale and grow. 

Video content marketing is a strategy that adopts the principle of producing and sharing relevant and consistent video content with your targeted group to increase user base and engagement and acquire qualified leads. The move will result in the right-sizing of the team, reduction of vernacular text content, and a strong focus on impactful video content output. 

Priyanka Gill, Co-founder, The Good Glamm Group said, “Our core strength lies in understanding user behavior and preferences - and that is clearly trending to video content. At the Good Media Co we are investing in video output to increase the reach and relevance of our digital media platforms and brands. We are excited to expand the video team and further our overall vision at the Good Glamm Group of building a global DTC house of brands, powered by content and creators.” 

Manan Jain, Chief Growth Officer, The Good Glamm Group said, “In addition to scaling our digital media platforms, the increased video content output by Good Media Co will help brands at The Good Glamm Group reach a larger audience set. This will also help us create a depth of content needed to address content needs for different issues and increase the frequency of how many times users interact with the brands through our digital media platforms to increase Top of Mind (TOM) and affinity for our brands.” 

Recently, the Good Glamm Group unveiled its overall group structure to consolidate its companies into independent Brands, Media, and Creator divisions: Good Brands Co. led by Sukhleen Aneja; Good Media Co. led by Priyanka Gill and Good Creator Co. led by Sachin Bhatia. This move reflected the Group’s focus on unlocking structural efficiencies while building revenue synergies as it consolidates the successful integration of its 11 acquisitions in the past year.

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