The Organic World Unveils A Plant-based Home Care Label Osh

This marks the latest milestone in the Bengaluru-based company's endeavor toward empowering a growing number of Indian consumers with clean, chemical-free choices for a healthier lifestyle.
The Organic World Unveils A Plant-based Home Care Label Osh

The Organic World (TOW), India’s largest organic and natural retailer recently launched Osh, the brand’s plant-based home care label – with a range of effective and safe cleaning solutions. This marks the latest milestone in the Bengaluru-based company’s endeavor toward empowering a growing number of Indian consumers with clean, chemical-free choices for a healthier lifestyle. 

The new range is expected to see TOW make significant inroads in India’s household cleaners’ segment, a Rs 48,000-crore market, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.6 percent in the next five years. Osh is made with 99 percent natural and plant-derived ingredients. It is completely free of harsh toxins such as sulfates, phosphates, bleach, parabens, ammonia, and others that are commonly found in popular household cleaning products. 

The home care brand’s name draws from nature -  Osh means dewdrop in Sanskrit – in its most pristine form, in keeping with the range’s plant-based, toxin-free compositions. All the products are vegan and cruelty-free and the fragrances used are all certified-allergen free by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). The first three products launched as part of the Osh range – laundry detergent, dish wash liquid, and floor cleaner – will be available across TOW’s omnichannel points of purchase, including 13 physical stores and online channels. 

Osh products are also specifically designed to address the lifestyle needs of Indian consumers; its laundry detergent offers effective results even when used with hard water, while the liquid dishwasher can tackle stuck grease and food even after 24 hours. In keeping with TOW’s commitment to being a sustainability-focused grocer, all the products are plastic negative, with Osh recycling twice the amount of plastic it uses. 

Gaurav Manchanda, Founder and MD, The Organic World, said, “As India’s leading Responsible Retailer who is consistently working to empower our consumers with more ‘better choices’ across categories, we perceived a huge unmet demand in the household cleaners vertical. We realised that there is a massive gap when it comes to natural, plant-based cleaners that are effective and safe, thereby triggering repeat purchases and a sustained shift in consumer habits. With the launch of Osh, we are looking to offer the level of performance, safety, and quality that we believe our conscious consumers truly deserve.

The decision to enter the home cleaners’ category is in alignment with TOW’s strategy to establish end-to-end traceability and evolve the value chain to get closer to minimal environmental impact goals. Accordingly, the grocer, which already has more than 2000+ groceries on its shelves from a range of brands that meets its stringent quality standards, is already present in the organic staples, packaged foods, and healthy snacks segment with its own brand WellBe. All the fruits and vegetables at TOW are sourced from its organic farm network which includes its own organic farm, Happy Harvest Farms. 

Following its launch, Osh will further the parent company Nimida Group’s vision to create sustainable value by gaining consumers across urban Indian households. It will add to TOW’s portfolio, which currently includes organic-certified, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables, wholesome chemical-free everyday staples, homecare products free of toxins to safe and natural personal care essentials free of parabens and sulfates, health and wellness products, lovingly curated childcare products, and nutritious snacking alternatives – to offer more variety when it comes to making ‘better choices'.

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