The Switch Fix Expands Product Portfolio, Launches 'Amar-Hunt' Hair Care Range
The Switch Fix Expands Product Portfolio, Launches 'Amar-Hunt' Hair Care Range

Clean and conscious personal care brand, The Switch Fix has introduced the goodness of the Amaranth plant in its latest launch - Amar-Hunt. This super-inclusive haircare range that works for all hair and scalp types, has been created to fix the loss of hair volume and hair thinning caused due to environmental stressors such as rising heat and pollution levels.

Amaranth is a well-kept secret from the wild, that is rich in peptides and polysaccharides. It enhances hair’s structural integrity and increases the hair thickness from the inside out for fuller and healthier-looking hair.

In the days of yore, women naturally had thick and voluminous hair, thanks to the unadulterated food, clean air, and slower pace of life. However today, many women suffer from hair loss, and there are multiple factors leading to this issue like hormones, genetics, pollution, stress, etc. which have been acknowledged by many. But there is one more notorious yet mostly overlooked factor at play - environmental stressors caused due to climate change. All these problems adversely affect the hair and while they cannot be curbed by an individual alone, there are ways to negate their effects.


The Switch Fix’s Amar-hunt for Volume range will help combat environmental stressors that can cause collagen loss from our scalp that lead to hair thinning. It contains plant-derived collagen with niacinamide and hibiscus, which helps fortify scalp health. The prime ingredient of this haircare range is Amaranth which when combined with plant collagen improves the hair's structural integrity and thickness. It also contains baobab and hyaluronic acid that keep the scalp hydrated and promote moisturization of the hair naturally, hence promoting hair growth and thickness. 

Rhea Shukla, CEO and Co-founder, The Switch Fix, said, “We hear so many anecdotes from our mothers and grandmothers about how voluminous their hair was and just how difficult it was to manage them.  However, we realized that the issue most of our generation faces is quite the opposite of that - - we are now looking for ways to manage hair thinning and lack of volume. Bearing this in mind, we came up with an  innovative and sustainable fix  to these concerns with  our latest Amar-hunt for volume hair care range.

Abhishek Kumar, COO, and Co-founder, The Switch Fix, added, “At The Switch Fix, we always stay true to our commitment to clean, conscious and effective beauty and keep innovative to solve skin and hair concerns caused due to new-age stressors. The issue of hair thinning came up quite often during our interactions with our tribe and so we just had to create a fix for it - which is why we decided to launch not just a product but an entire range dedicated to improving hair volume by protecting and combating environmental stressors.

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