Tupperware partners with Swiggy Genie and Dunzofor home delivery across 32 markets

The brand offers video calling via WhatsApp followed by home delivery acrossmultiple cities
Tupperware partners with Swiggy Genie and Dunzofor home delivery across 32 markets

Tupperware, a homeware brand based out of Orlando, US, launched over 55 stores across India since it adopted a harmonious multi-channel sales approach last year. The brand has re-opened 80% stores with due caution and is taking all necessary precautions to maintain social distancing to keep its employees and consumers safe. Taking a step further, Tupperware has partnered with Swiggy Genie and Dunzoto home deliver products to the consumers from stores in multiple cities within a time span of 2 months. Swiggy Genie will help in delivering Tupperware products in 32 cities and Dunzo in 13 cities, respectively. The consumers can explore all Tupperware products and solutions on click of a button viaWhatsApp chat or phone call or Audio-visual WhatsApp interaction with Manager/Advisor to shortlist products, pay online through mobile wallets and have their products delivered at their doorsteps.

Tupperware is a highly innovative and agile brand. It has stayed ahead of the curve and through its relentless efforts, offered unique solutions to its direct sellers, Franchisees and other network partners to keep afloat during these tough times. With COVID-19 came the challenge of restrictions around physical mobility and to work around that, Tupperware India launched social selling channel via exclusive webstore for its direct sellers. And now, with ‘Home Delivery’ solution, the brand is making sure that Exclusive brand stores stay relevant and ahead of the market.

Throwing some light on consumer insights and purchase pattern, Mr. Deepak Chhabra, MD, Tupperware India said, “Tupperware as a brand has only become more relevant for the consumer during the lockdown times. These have been times of greater involvement and innovation in the kitchen. Consumers have been conscious of food handling, waste management and even leftover utilisation. The task of managing and keeping the kitchen functional was mostly delegated to house helps in the urban house-holds, but with COVID-19 restrictions, consumers become more involved in the kitchen and realised the value of a highly function premium quality solution like Tupperware. The sales contribution of conservation and preparation range have gone up by 30% in the past three months and we foresee a steady rise in sales of these categories in the coming months as well.”

Speaking about the ‘Home Delivery’ concept,  Deepak Chhabra, MD, Tupperware India elaborated, “We have stood by all our network partners through these tough times by offering them business solutions and financial support in the past few months. Our team has come up with solutions which have offered ease of product discovery and transaction to our consumers while ensuring their safety. We have partnered with SwiggyGenieand Dunzoacross multiple cities for our brandstores followed by home delivery across locations nationally and the consumer uptake for this service has been really encouraging. Our Franchisees are also adopting best in class social media engagement tactics to keep the consumer engaged with the brand, so we may showcase the magic of Tupperware products to them, highlight latest and best products and deals in the coming times. “

“Ever since the launch of Swiggy Genie, our hyperlocal delivery offering, we have been consistently working with multiple retailers and partners to address the ever-evolving pain points of consumers amidst the pandemic. Through our partnership with Tupperware, we aim to bring kitchenware, storage and food serving products closer to the customers as they continue to spend more time indoors. By extending Swiggy Genie, we are unlocking a new dimension of convenience and safety for our consumers as well as earnings for our Delivery Partners during these extraordinary times", said, Vivek Sunder, COO, Swiggy.

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