Victoria's Secret now open at Mumbai Duty Free

Located at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, Terminal 2, MDF has partnered with the iconic lingerie and beauty retailer to open the very first Victoria's Secret store in Mumbai.
Victoria’s Secret

Mumbai Duty Free has announced the launch of its standalone duty free Victoria’s Secret store. Located at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, Terminal 2, MDF has partnered with the iconic lingerie and beauty retailer to open the very first Victoria’s Secret store in Mumbai.


The standalone Duty Free Store is located in Mumbai Duty Free’s fashion and luxury zone and features wide assortment including a range of best-selling and newly launched beauty products, a curated assortment of iconic panties, sleepwear and apparel and also some must-have accessories. Shoppers will find prestige fragrances including the award-winning Victoria’s Secret Bombshell and Tease, new collections like Scandalous and Tease Rebel, perennial favorites such as the Victoria’s Secret Mist Collection, and also travel-ready beauty gift sets for individuals on the go.


Additionally, the store also offers chic and functional accessories that add style to every day, business trips and weekend getaways alike. From cosmetic cases, to fashionable bags, luggage, keychains and passport covers, Mumbai Duty Free’s Victoria’s Secret store is the ultimate shopping hub for the modern jet setter.


PK Thimmayya, CEO, Flemingo Travel Retail Limited, said, “We’re very excited to be the first ones to introduce this iconic brand to Mumbai city. This year, we have strategically focused on building our fashion and luxury portfolio and the addition of Victoria’s Secret is a step in that direction. Since the store launch in October we have experienced a huge interest in the brand from customers and the initial response is very promising. We are confident that this initiative is an absolute winner and has the potential to deliver great numbers.”

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Design of the new store


The store design wraps customers with the undeniable luxury and rich brand storytelling that Victoria’s Secret is known for. The exterior of the store subtly glows with iconic striped finishes. Once inside, the dramatic interior takes sophistication and glamour to a whole new level. Timeless Victoria’s Secret imagery and eye-catching video content are sure to attract MDF shoppers into the world of Victoria.


Travel Retail locations, especially evolving markets like Mumbai, are beautifully built to inspire, empower, and create engagement at every turn. With over 175 locations worldwide, Victoria’s Secret Travel Retail stores bring the best of the legendary brand to consumers across the globe.


India is a market that is rapidly evolving, with consumers becoming much more brand conscious. Factors such as a rise in disposable incomes, increased global exposure and social media have led to a surge in the demand for aspirational and prestige goods, giving way to trends like an affordable luxury.


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Market Scenario


In India, the innerwear category has broadened from being a basic requirement to designer wear with an emphasis on styling and comfort. As per a report, the innerwear category is currently estimated to be worth Rs 25,034 crores and accounts for 8% of the total apparel market in the country.


The innerwear category will grow at a CAGR of 14% to reach Rs 31,306 crores in 2021 and Rs 60,277 crores in 2026. The women’s innerwear or the lingerie growth story in India is at its most promising phase right now with increasing demand for stylish, sensuous and premium innerwear.