ZeoNutra Launches 'Active Woman', A Daily Vital Advanced Multivitamin for Women

ZeoNutra has released 'Active Woman' tablets that are beneficial for the overall health of women.
ZeoNutra Launches ‘Active Woman’, A Daily Vital Advanced Multivitamin for Women

ZeoNutra, which is a nutrition and health supplement brand, has announced the launch of ‘Active Woman’ tablets, a daily multivitamin formula that is beneficial for the overall health of women. 

A woman's body begins to seek extra nutrients as a result of a variety of changes. Teen nutritional needs differ from those of women in their postmenopausal years, and pregnant or lactating women require more specific nutrients than non-pregnant women. 

“We are excited to add multivitamins to our product line that provide healthy support for women. As several reports suggest, there is often a lack of vitamins and minerals in women's bodies despite eating a variety of healthful meals and foods. From improving energy levels to reducing stress and regulating blood pressure, our new active women multivitamin is the key to comprehensive health development,” Yashna Garg, CMO at ZeoNutra, said.

ZeoNutra offers a wide range of quality-assured health supplements in various categories. The company has accomplished various accreditations like Ayush GMP and FSSAI certified.  It is purely focused on the B2C segment to bring the best nutritional products directly to the consumer. 

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