Casio: World's first calculator with Indian comma marker
Casio: World's first calculator with Indian comma marker



 Casio India Co. Pvt. Ltd. on occasion of the Independence Day released 4 new check calculators developed keeping in consideration Indian usage habits and sensibilities. DJ-120D, JJ-120D, MJ-120D & MJ-100D feature a Indian number display format of Lacs & Crore. This is for the first time any company has developed and marketed such a calculator with Indian digit separator format.


These calculators feature Casio’s popular 150 steps check function, and features a display that can be switched to an Indian digit separator format. In the standard display format, numbers are separated in thousand, million & billion i.e. comma comes after every three digits. When the Indian format is selected, digits are separated in thousand, lacs & crores i.e. comma comes after first three digits then after every two digits. 


Casio as inventor of Calculator has always contributed to society with innovative products & features. Once again we have come-up with product keeping into consideration local needs & requirements. We are confident that this product will be highly convenient for the Corporate & Retails where people are involved in long calculations said Mr. K. Seth, Head – Sales & Marketing.


  • Casio’s check function enables users to review values entered during calculation steps, either during or after calculation. This function makes Casio check calculators a popular choice for calculation of invoices in office settings, and retail stores use them as they would a cash register.
  • These calculators also offer a selectable top and bottom digit separator position.
  • Also, another setting enables the user to use periods for digit separators and a comma for the decimal point, as done in Europe. 
  • The other products, JJ-120D, MJ-100D and MJ-120D are compact calculators that come with similar features and more like tax calculation features. 

Casio calculators are available at all leading Stationary

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