Discover All new Pizza Hut!
Discover All new Pizza Hut!

A brand known as the experts in Pizzas, has now introduced a new range of Skewers, Shakes, Mojitos, Pastas, Gelatos, Cheesecakes in the enhanced menu to provide a delightful culinary experience to its customer.


Caribbean Choco Shake

This monsoon let your taste buds indulge in new delectable desserts and drinks. This combination of your favorite chocolate ice cream and coconut flavors, topped with whipped cream, is sure to take you by surprise and leave you craving for more.  Priced at Rs. 99, this dessert drink is available across all Pizza Hut outlets.    


Hot n Spicy Paneer Quesadillas

This rainy season try out Pizza Hut’s new hot and spicy Paneer quesadillas. The appetizer is made of a flour tortilla filled with a savory mixture of spicy classic Paneer with onions, assorted bell peppers, Tandoori sauce with cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese and jalapenos, with a dash of lime and coriander, served with a classic cheese dip. The new appetizer is priced at Rs.99 and is available across all Pizza Hut outlets.


Assorted Chicken Skewers

Pizza hut brings an appetizer to appeal to the chicken lover in you! Try these Jamaican Jerk Spiced Chicken and Thai Chicken on skewers served with a cucumber and yoghurt dip. The assorted chicken skewers are priced at Rs. 99, and are available across all Pizza Hut outlets.





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