Epson EB-450wi: Projector to Revolutionise Lessons & Presentations

Turning any surface into an interactive learning

Turning any surface into an interactive learning



Epson, the top projector maker of the decade(1), today unveiled the Epson EB-450wi, an intelligent, interactive ultra short throw projector that allows teachers and business presenters to conveniently turn any standard whiteboard or smooth wall into an interactive learning and presentation area. This innovative tool delivers a cost-effective solution for presenters to easily use its interactive capabilities and eliminates the need to purchase and install cumbersome dedicated interactive whiteboards.


“We believe, the Epson EB-450wi ultra short throw interactive projector, is the future of learning technology,” said Mr. Samba Moorthy, Senior General Manager – Sales & Marketing – Epson India. “Its innovative capabilities were developed together with our educational institutions and businesses partners in response to their needs. So, we are confident its features and cost saving convenience will enable more effective teaching and presentations.


  • The Epson EB-450wi can project onto any existing whiteboard, wall or other smooth, hard surface, providing virtually unlimited installation flexibility.
  • It also features a digital infrared pen that allows users to write with “virtual ink” on the projected area, manipulate interactive onscreen objects and features, or use it as a computer mouse.
  • Ultra-Short Throw Distance – The Epson EB-450wi can be mounted as close as 2.8-inches away from the wall to accommodate smaller classrooms or meetings rooms and can project a 60-inch diagonal image with the lens only 18-inches away
  • Simplified Network Monitoring and Control - RJ-45 wired LAN connectivity for remote monitoring and control via an IT network helps saves time and money, regardless of the projector’s physical location.
  • The Epson EB-450wi will be available for order from July 2010 at a recommended price of Rs. 1,86,000.