Induction Cooker by Birla Electricals

Say good bye to burns, smoke, shock and sweat
Say good bye to burns, smoke, shock and sweat

Birlalifestyle, one of the leading manufacturers of household appliances and part of the Rs. 3000 crore Indian conglomerate - The Yash Birla Group, now introduces a new range of hassle free, easy-to-use Induction Cookware. After its recent innovative success with coolers, food processors, toasters and sandwich makers, Birla Electricals is again set to revolutionize Indian cooking with one of their new innovative product - Induction Cooker

  • The Birla induction cooker uses advance technology to make it extremely efficient. The unique cooker uses electro-magnetic energy to heat metal cookware made of iron, nickel or various alloys. When the unit is turned ON, the coils produce a high frequency alternating magnetic field, which ultimately flows throughout the cookware. The heat of the pan warms the glass, while the glass-ceramic surface remains much cooler to the touch, when compared to other smooth top surfaces
  • Birla Electricals has also designed a flat iron base cookware which is one of its USP’s
  • Available at VIJAY SALES, RELIANCE, STAR BAZAAR and all leading outlets in Mumbai
  • Priced at:  Rs. 3,295