LECHAL a unique haptic based interactive footwear
LECHAL a unique haptic based interactive footwear

LECHAL, is an extraordinary footwear designed with navigation features. Developed by Ducere Technologies in Hyderabad, it is first of its kind wearable gadget that uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the user's smart phone and using simple foot gestures or voice commands.

 The footwear is based on haptic technology that has the ability to provide tactile feedback through touch-based interfaces.

This touch-based technology has existed for decades but has become extremely popular in handheld, portable and touch-screen enabled consumer and industrial electronic devices in the last few years. 

What’s more, it communicates with the user via vibratory responses, it can help to save the most frequently visited places and help choose the most convenient route along with the best mode of transportation.

The  footwear enhances user’s navigations skills by pairing a smart phone app to a small actuator that is placed inside the sole of the shoes.

The user can enter their desired destination using the phones voice command which then fetches the local map of the area and guides the user to their destination using a combination of the phone’s GPS system and special vibrations are sent to the shoes actuator.

The shoes are uniquely intuitive and non-obtrusive thus offering easy mobility and convenience to the user.

 It was designed keeping in mind that humanizing technology is the best way to its acceptance, after all, no matter how complex the technology behind a product, they are not of much use if the interface to the human user is not intuitively designed.

 Considering that haptic is based on the sense of touch, it is intuitive and non-obtrusive making it most receptive to the users. 

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