Mercury-free 3D projectors
Mercury-free 3D projectors

CASIO India Company Private Limited, a 100% subsidiary of the JPY341.7 Billion consumer electronics giant Casio Computer Co. Japan, launched the world’s first mercury lamp-free, high-brightness data projectors. Casio has introduced three top models of its projector series - Short Throw, Pro and Standard models.


The mercury free Standard model projector series has an ANSI lumen up to 3000 and comes with a host of technological advancements to serve to its wide range of users. One of the unique features is that these projectors are Compatible with 3D contents. The Standard Model is equipped with a DLP 3D projection function, that is, a function that permits projection of 3D content onto a screen. Users can enjoy the high-impact 3D stereoscopic images of this model with separately available 3D Glasses.


Pro-Model projector series can achieve brightness up to 3,500 ANSI lumens without a mercury lamp. This enables large screen projection in large conference rooms as well as clear projection of images in brightly lit rooms.


The Short Throw model can be equipped with a short-throw lens for projection of 60-inch images at a distance of 80 cm. The shorter projection distance provided by this close-up projection reduces shadows on the screen and eliminates the possible distraction of projector light shining in viewers’ eyes, optimizing user and viewer comfort.


Price: Standard Series - Rs. 66,995 to Rs. 99,995, Pro- Model Series Rs. 1, 19,995 - Rs. 1, 34, 995,

Short Throw model - Rs 1, 29,995 to Rs 1, 34,995



Available at: Select stores across India




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