Patchi introduces Lingots Chocolate Boxes

Each chocolate piece is wrapped in gold.
Each chocolate piece is wrapped in gold.
Famous luxury chocolate brand, Patchi, has unveiled “Lingots Chocolate Boxes”. These popular Patchi chocolates are made from fine milk chocolate filled with Gianduja (cream of hazelnut). Each chocolate piece in the Lingot box is wrapped in gold paper and is stamped with an authentic-looking Gold Ingot design.
The Lingots Chocolate Boxes are made from a classic recipe, which has been very popular since the early days of Patchi (1974). Theses chocolate boxes are available in boxes of 8 and 16 pieces of chocolates. These are now available at Patchi, Select City Walk, Ground floor, New Delhi.
Price: Box of 8: Rs 800
          Box of 16: Rs 1600