Pret unveils new collection Rosarium
Pret unveils new collection Rosarium
Inspired by an eternal classic, renowned designer Debarun's Rosarium delves into the many facets of the timeless bloom, the Rose. 
Reliving yet expanding beyond the classical interpretation as the symbol of love, Debarun's Rosarium traverses through the many varied elucidations and colourations of the rose. 
Bringing to light the various façades of the flower, Debarun's Rosarium plays with a broad range of colours in lines with the joviality which is so very typical and constant across the various manifestations of the rose.  
Debarun's Rosarium is fusion line merging ethnic and indo-western silhouettes seamlessly to create a plethora of plenty as is evident in a rose garden. The choice of colours is varied as is archetypal of the rose family which has over hundred species and thousands of cultivars. The choice of materials is mostly elegant with crepes, georgettes, satin and other natural fibres. The feel is modern while the motifs are classic. The collection uses prints and embroidery to enhance the effect of the rose garden. Debarun's Rosarium is novel take on a classical form.
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