Wings of Fantasy
Wings of Fantasy

The final chapter in the “Beyond Nature” trilogy jewelry collection, by Artistic Director Nathalie Colin expresses her vision of a natural world that is artistic, mysterious, rhythmic and ornamental.


Entitled “Wings of Fantasy”, this new collection depicts these two extremes in the life of the artist via the “Cabinet of Dreams” and “Mysterious Disguise” themes.


“Cabinet of Dreams” takes us into the artist’s dressing room and unveils her most intimate secrets. Surrounded by precious, personal, possessions, her personality is revealed by each item of jewelry. Consisting of lucky charms, souvenirs linked to past performances, accessories inspired by dance and the world of show business, and a host of trinkets set against romantic, iridescent colors.  Delicate jewelry pieces sit alongside majestic jewels, and reflect memories of her emotional journey.


“Mysterious Disguise” evokes an enchanting, sophisticated profile, with spectacular effects. The jewelry pieces comprise of mysterious colors, dramatic shaded tones, and dark flashes of light. The bird is once more interpreted in a magical, majestic fashion, with each item bold and opulent. Reminiscent of richly colored, subtly shaded feathers, the “Mysterious Disguise” theme provides an explosion of strong colors and changing effects. The female bird is covered in the star colors of the season, violet and indicolite.

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