24x7 Operations by Restaurants in Haryana will Work Wonders for the Nightlife Sector Believe Restaurateurs
24x7 Operations by Restaurants in Haryana will Work Wonders for the Nightlife Sector Believe Restaurateurs

Restaurants in Haryana will remain open 24×7 now announced Haryana’s Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala yesterday.

“In future, restaurants will remain open 24 hours in Haryana. There will be no restriction on them to close at night,” shared Chautala after chairing a meeting of various departments.

He also mentioned that restaurants will have to register with the Labour Department and follow other terms and conditions (Sections 9 and 10 of the Punjab Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1958) for smooth functioning.

Haryana’s Labour and Food, Civil Supplies Minister, Anoop Dhanak was also present in the meeting.

This move comes at a time when restaurant owners across the country are demanding smooth operating hours for restaurants to invite more tourism thus boosting revenue and employemnt in the country. And, in a surprising move, Haryana, becomes the first state in the north India to adopt this progressive decision.

Restaurant association, NRAI and restaurant owners from across the state had recently met Chautala and demanded that the state government allow them to keep their establishments open 24 hours so that people can get food at their convenience, shared the statement.

Welcoming the announcement, restaurateurs were of the opinion that this move will potentially increase revenue and employment opportunities in the region.

“Extended operating hours is highly beneficial and progressive move for the hospitality sector and for Gurgaon since businesses can cater to a broader clientele,” shared Vikrant Batra, Cofounder, Dhansoo cafe, Gurugram.

He also pointed that, while longer operating hours can stimulate the nightlife, it's essential to address safety and security concerns along with additional service staff cost.

“This move will also make Gurgaon a spot for tourists to get a good meal round the clock in a safe licensed environment,” added Batra.

Commenting on the same, Varun Tuli who runs Gurgaon’s one of the favourite pan-asian restaurant Yum Yum Cha mentioned, “It is a fantastic move and will work wonders for nightlife in Gurgaon.”

Though, the decision to allow restaurants to operate 24x7 in Haryana brings forth a world of opportunities for restaurant establishment and the restaurant industry wherein they can cater to diverse clientele, serve late-night diners, late working hours and tourists seeking dining options beyond regular hours, this will also demand more security, safety and working of govt and establishments together.

"While operational costs will increase, we can hire more staff members to accommodate the workload, contributing to employment growth and economic development. Security is a vital concern, and I suggest close collaboration between the government, law enforcement agencies, and restaurant owners. Regular patrols, safety audits, and addressing security gaps will help create a secure environment for 24x7 restaurants," added Dr. Shruti Malik of Anardana Hospitality, Gurgaon.

Sahil Sambhi of The Drunken Botanist view this move as a benefit for employees working in corporate offices with international shifts, offering them the opportunity to dine at restaurants late at night instead of relying on packaged food or online orders.

"Our establishment and the entire restaurant industry stand to gain numerous advantages from this decision, including increased revenue and a diverse clientele. Although, operational costs will rise, we are prepared to hire additional staff, contributing to employment growth and fostering economic development. Ensuring security is paramount, and I suggest close collaboration between the government, law enforcement agencies, and restaurateurs. Regular patrols and safety audits can create a secure environment for 24x7 restaurants, providing peace of mind for customers and staff alike," he added.

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