4 checklists how to boost your restaurant searches???
4 checklists how to boost your restaurant searches???

Consumers are relying on internet for every basic need, on laptop to phone, they are using technology at its best. And, around 40 per cent of customers search for their favourite restaurants to dine at a nearby location either on their Smartphone or tablets. But how many restaurants are actually finding business from it is still unsolved?

Boosting local search result is very important for a restaurant to come under their radar. According to my own finding and research it is very important to filter the basic information about restaurants- the kind of cuisine it is serving, concept, location and area to make your restaurant high on searches.

Here are four key pointers on getting yourself tech-friendly and searchable:

Get listed: Today there are many restaurant reservation and listing sites where you can list yourselves to get the best result. One can only list themselves on sites such as YellowPages, Bing, Zomato, and Tripadvisor to get an extend click of the varied customers. Also, try and put your location in the search engine to see where the page takes you.

Select the words carefully: Try and use the terms, words that you want your customers to relate with your restaurant, concept. Also, make sure the page titles, tags are rightly used to avoid over use of the same tags as this may lead to a customer base which might not be your interest of business.

Stay up to date: How often do you change your menu, when the photo shoot is last done, when the new menu is coming, are you planning a certain event??? Keep yourself first when it comes to getting the right kind of attention as you never know when your customer might search these of the tags. In a way it also helps get you better reviews and opinion on restaurant discovery sites and among the bloggers and journalists.

Search Yourself: After doing the above activities, try and search yourself using these keywords, you will get the answer. . Always try and push the best tags to make you restaurant noticed to everyone.

And, hence we can say that getting on everybody’s tip is not an easy task, some basic parameters with smart actions are key to getting yourself attention. 

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