4 reasons global QSRs are failing in India
4 reasons global QSRs are failing in India

In the past few years we have seen dozen of global food brands making news in India. From sharing their sweet success stories to combating all the challenges to grow in a new market, these brands were all over India. But, lately there are many brands who are struggling in fast competitive market like India. From casual dining chain Wendy’s that opened its outlet last year to the age old brand McDonald’s which was once top player in the market and it was one of those brands which was first to make the India entry.

Talking to experts in the industry, Restaurant India found that there are 4 major reasons that are hitting the growth of these restaurant chains in India:

  • Location: As everybody knows, a location can break or make a restaurant business. Hence, selecting a location which has low footfall and is not located near to any neighbourhood areas, corporate offices or market can hardly sustain in this fast evolving markets where restaurant owners are paying a huge amount to real estate people to get the best sight
  • Team: Team management and team work is very important when it comes to a fruitful result. At a time, when most of the brands are choosing well experienced and leaders in the industry, many brands are mistaken by employing amateurs at their workplace leading to fall out of the business in the region.
  • A laid back attitude: No one today wants to go to a restaurant which is not ready to give a ‘Wowastic’ experience to its customers. Today’s customers want experience together with the food. A good service together with good food is the need of the hour.
  • Formats: Always make sure that the formats you are operating is catering to particular and a target customers. Once it is diluted, the restaurant is a big ‘No’ to the customers’.

And, hence these brand doesn’t offer the food similar to Indian palate, it can be in big trouble if it doesn’t learn to tweak its menu according to the customers’ and location it operates. 

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