5 reasons stocks soaring high with latest Bar Stock Exchange
5 reasons stocks soaring high with latest Bar Stock Exchange

Mumbai’s most celebrated restaurant, The Bar Stock Exchange has opened its wings at Colaba. Jere’s are 5 reasons that makes stocks soar high with the newly opened outlet.

5 reasons why stocks soaring high with latest Bar Stock Exchange:

Innovative Concept: As the concept is very innovative and new to the Indian market, it will generally gain more customers’ attention than any other. Gone are the days when people would have enjoyed a simple drink at any neighbourhood bar or pub, today they want to come out of that shell, they want to experiment and what’s better than The Bar Stock Exchange.

Variety of drink: If someone is willing to have good imported beer, he has to rush to the nearest The Beer Cafe outlet, or if he wants to have a glass of vodka, he has to search for other such places. But, The Bar Stock Exchange has it all at one door. From spirits, beers and wines all at the same outlet.

A great exchange of conversation: As the model is totally based on the software system, there is no human capital invested in the same. Hence, the staff and the customers’ can concentrate on enhancing the experience with great service.

Tech-led world: As people are becoming much freakier about the technology led innovations; this restaurant is a perfect place to them to hangout. As the most technologically advanced bar in India, customers can also place an order via a specially developed app (Android and iOS) that lets you monitor prices and order in real time. Customers can compete with each other and the system to score the best prices on their choice of drinks.

A mix of global regional cuisine: Cooked under the guidance of Celebrity chef, Chef Kshama Prabhu as the Executive Chef for the group. With respect to biggest contributors, Chinese and Indian is crown favourites, and the starters really fly off the shelves as well. Continental is also really popular.

So, whenever you are around this location, head to this outlet for the best deals on drinks.

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