5 Rules to Running a Successful Restaurant Business
5 Rules to Running a Successful Restaurant Business

The Indian economy has entered the second half of this decade with a renewed sense of optimism. Trends such as rising income levels, increasing urbanization and a greater penetration of technology are driving consumption and fueling the growth Indian Food and Beverage (F&B) service retail Industry making it one of the most vibrant industries that has seen unprecedented growth in the recent past and continues to expand rapidly.

Though, restaurant business may looks alluring to many. But, running a restaurant is not everyone’s cup of tea. Approximately 90 per cent of the restaurants fall in first year of its operations. However, if you are falling the right rules you may shine higher in the sky. Restaurant these days do not focus on becoming an organization rather they focus on one single restaurant concept. Here are few tips that can help you build a successful restaurant organization:

Standardisation: It is vital for a restaurant for the success but most of the restaurant overlooks it as one of the key component. By failing to standardize the restaurant operations, a restaurant owner risk diminishing his profit margins, swelling their expense sheets, and providing subpar customer service. All of which can cripple the business. Hence, before the restaurant spirals out of control, the restaurant has to make sure that processes are standardized.

Delighting the Customer: Engaging with the right customer is key to any business. Many restaurants fail in the initial years of their operations because they are unable to locate their target customer. There is a global trend wherein chefs and restaurant staffs are interacting more with guests these days which in return is giving restaurants regular and comeback customers. Hence, it should be made a practiceat the restaurant to engage and delight the customers.

Technology Creating Impact: According to a research 42% restaurant owners globally say that it adds value to their restaurant experience with food-tech on the platter. With more and more people choosing out to work and high disposable income, millenials these days are ordering three times more than their parents. “It is all about convenience today. People do not want to spend more time on choosing menu and hence they prefer to check online,” shared Pravesh Pandey Of Big Brewski.

Innovation: people often believe that innovation in restaurant business is not moving, but the truth is innovation is a vigorous process and it is happening. Without innovation your restaurant will not be able to survive in the fast evolving market,” commented Chef Hemant Oberoi, Chef and Owner at eHehHemant Oberoi who was the first Indian chef to introduce the country to fine dining concepts and restaurants. A pioneer of innovation, chef Oberoi has always worked on new and innovative recipes from around the globe to make his restaurant most innovative of all.

Empowering the Staff: India continues to be the ‘land of promise’ for the food service market. The industry is one of the most vibrant service industries. Although predominantly unorganised, with the advent of foreign and Indian restaurant chains, the organised market is likely to expand quite rapidly. “India’s unemployment rate has fallen to 3.36% in 2016,” stated FICC-PwC report, adding that restaurant industry became one of the important sector to create jobs and empower on their staff. “We believe in our staff and help them believe in us. We have staffs working with us for more than 20 years,” shared Shiva Kumaar of Saravana Bhavan that has taken Indian food to global level.

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