5 Ways Technology is Blossoming Your Restaurant Business
5 Ways Technology is Blossoming Your Restaurant Business

At a time when eateries are becoming “open-and-shut cases“ restaurant reservation apps seem to be doing the industry a favour and justifying the nominal fee they charge restaurants. Unique concepts are helping the diners discover new places and restaurants get new diners, stretching the entire experience together.

You would agree that when it comes to restaurants suddenly we become a little more impatient. We can’t wait in queue, can’t wait to get our food and finally when we finish eating, we can’t wait to get the check and pay the bill. The whole bill delivery, check, and tip process takes a minimum of 2 and sometime 3-4 trips of the waitress/waiter. It puts a lot of pressure on the overall functioning of the restaurant. To address this pain point, technology has invaded, targeting Bars and Restaurants specifically.

The tables are turning. Food delivery apps like Swiggy and FreshMenu brought gourmet to the doorstep. Now, dining reservation apps like Dineout and EazyDiner, want to take people back to restaurants. To woo clientele, they are offering reservations, slashed bills, cashbacks and loyalty points.

5 Ways Technology is Leveraging New Concepts

Despite usual dining etiquette, sometimes it's OK to play with your phone at the table, even when you’re at a restaurant. Especially if you’re using one of the cool, new apps specifically designed to enhance your dining out experience.

Whether you’re looking to score a reservation at a hot new restaurant, to pair the perfect wine with your entrée, or to pay your bill with your phone, there’s no shortage of apps on the menu to make eating out even more awesome.  

Keep it Simple

Just listen to the restaurant, know their needs and build it on a platform which is scalable and solve real life problems. Technology helps in simplifying the process of reserving a seat, checking the desired availability and acquiring whooping discounts for that reservation.

Choose the Unconventional Way

Today people don’t venture out without reserving a table. They are not just discovering but also taking action on the portal as well. But the use of mobile devices isn’t limited to the serving side of things. They can be used to track inventory, regular checklists, and can go so far as to be used in a similar way we use in our own home kitchens – as a way to help out new kitchen workers get a handle on the restaurant’s menu items.

Recent times have witnessed the replacement of pen & paper with softwares & digitized ways of taking feedbacks, their CRM tools which help them in gaining customer attention and carry out their marketing campaigns.

Transaction Made Easy

Depending on a research, it takes diners 10-12 minutes from deciding they want the bill to leaving. But with technological invention with apps like Dineout has reduced this to just a few seconds. Integrating payments, huge jump in transactions powered through the payment gateway. Indian Food tech giant Dineout, a leading payment gateway transaction for the restaurants currently that has a huge customer reach, driving close to 8crore GVM for the restaurants.

High-Tech Help

There have been a variety of iPad mounts for the kitchen available for our homes for some time, but now we’re seeing them invade the kitchens and dining areas of restaurants.  Restaurants have started allowing diners to use iPads to place their orders.

Mobile devices come into play in a variety of ways, and what happens with them while in the customer’s hands both inside and outside the walls of a restaurant can have a huge impact on an establishment’s success.

Boosting Customer Relationship

Now that apps are not only more interactive but also easier to navigate, they have quickly become a go-to technology for consumers who frequent quick service restaurants. Customizable apps allow customers to set preferences on their mobile devices and allow restaurant chains to respond to those preferences.

The best results are usually achieved when QSRs make use of multiple channels to send different types of messages to customers that help create a better dining experience. It also gives QSR brands more ways to learn about their customers.

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