6 innovative ways Restaurants are adopting to bring back diners
6 innovative ways Restaurants are adopting to bring back diners

Covid-19 pandemic has changed the whole ingredient of restaurant business. From top restaurant brands shutting their shop to adopting new and innovative measures to overcome the pandemic loss, they have done it all to save their business and also attract customers at their restaurant.

Below mentioned are six ways restaurants are introducing new and innovative initiatives to make it #SafeToEatOut again for their customers while attributing utmost importance to social distancing and hygiene. 

Robot Experience – Robot theme restaurants was always a global fame where restaurant server was replaced by robots. In India, we have seen this trend picking up in last two years with a restaurant in Chennai and Bengaluru experimenting with the same. This has come as a relief during the covid time. Restaurants like Robot(Porur) & Moti Mahal - Robot Themed Restaurant in Chennai, Robot Restaurant in Bangalore and Jaipur are serving food with the help of robots to reduce the human contact. People can enjoy an unforgettable Robot experience with exquisite cuisines and mocktails without being in contact with any human.

Robot Restaurant

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Private Dining pods - Dragonfly restaurant at Aerocity Worldmark, New Delhi by Priyank Sukhija became first restaurant in India to introduce private dining pods. This ensures a safe dining experience as they are made up with hard acrylic walls and can accommodate a group of 10 to 12 people. People looking for a safe and new experience in times like this can choose to dine-out with family and friends.  


Drive-Thru Restaurants – All thanks to McDonald’s that gave India the first drive-thru restaurant way back in 1990s. During this time, people anxious about social distancing within the restaurants can also opt for drive-in and drive-through restaurants across the country. Ping’s Orient in Kolkata and Just FoodInn in Ahmedabad offer diners a special drive-in menu from within the comfort of their own vehicle. Also, at DLF Cyber hub Gurgaon, diners can pre-order food using the Dineout app and choose for self-pickup at these specialty created Drive through. 

Drive Thru

Food Conveyor: Cloves restaurant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat came up with India’s first Techno-Dining Experience. Here Food is delivered in covered bowls through a food conveyor right from the kitchen to the customer’s table without any human-contact in between. Customers can pick up their own bowl that has their table numbers mentioned therefore eliminates handling of food in between by stewards.


Cloves Restaurant


UV sterilised cutlery and Plexiglass barriers: Mocha and Smokehouse Deli cafe across India are using UV sterilised cutlery wrapped in paper before serving the diners. Along with sterilised cutlery, restaurants have also installed Plexiglass barriers following the social distancing norms while serving clean and hygienic food to its customers.




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Nano Disinfection Treatment – Madras Canteen and Grill in Chennai uses Graphene-Based Nano disinfection treatment which assures 24*7 anti-viral and anti-bacterial protection to its customers and staff. All surfaces of the entire restaurant including the floors, walls, kitchen cutlery, the counters, food service areas, toilets, lounge bar, smoking zones and the security area are being disinfected on a daily basis. 

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