6 Ways QSRs Can Boost Sales
6 Ways QSRs Can Boost Sales

The food and hospitality industry is a booming business today. But it’s also a highly competitive one, with restaurants grappling for the customer’s attention. This means that QSRs, or Quick Service Restaurants, have to position themselves as leaders in order to ensure customer loyalty. 

With tons of QSRs popping up every day now, doing this is not easy. In fact, it becomes a struggle for the existing QSRs to maintain their hold. This is where the need for sales and marketing comes in; as certain strategies and tactics can help you reap benefits whilst making your customers happy.

While there is absolutely no doubt that the success of a restaurant depends on the taste and quality of its cuisine, it is equally important to note that certain marketing techniques can greatly improve sales and profit margins. Here are few simple ways in which QSRs can boost their sales:

Have A Good Concept: Having a sound concept is key. Your QSR should revolve around a fresh concept which is more sustainable for the masses, and not something which is a fad of the season, as such fads will only last a couple of years.

Focus on Your Staff: It is extremely important to have well trained staff, on all stations, as the staffs are the point of contact for each customer. It is therefore necessary for them to be trained in a way that they conduct themselves keeping in mind the benefit of the brand. This ensures that there is no delay in the making and ensuring of quick services. It is also helpful to keep staffing costs low.

Create Great Combos: A great way to ensure that you have a good customer flow even during off peak hours is by offering an enticing combo. This will help to fill in the gaps throughout the day, as people will trickle in just to avail of the interesting combos on offer.

Make The Most Of Social Media: Social media is out there for a reason. You can use it brilliantly to bring in more customers, using a number of methods. Social media influencers in the form of bloggers are one of them. Bloggers and influencers with a good amount of followers can definitely help bring in customers, who will in turn, spread the word.

Keep The Menus Simple: Menu cards should be simple and straightforward. It is also good to have maximum customisable options available on the cards. This will help customers choose what they want faster. The simpler it is, the easier it is for the customer. An ease of choice always helps in customer retention

Adding Extra Value: There are many QSR brands, but no-one before us has ventured out into the Quick Casual space. Which offers the best of both worlds, serving food which is of the highest quality (within its limits) at a very reasonable price, very fast? Quick casual is something which is going to change the way customers decide about where to eat. Since customers want to have quicker meals, but expect better qualities and at more reasonable price points, which is what the "quick casual" format offers.

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