7 Bar Trends to Watch in 2020
7 Bar Trends to Watch in 2020

Bar Business has grown over the last five years, all thanks to growing night life cultures in India. Today, these bars are no more restricted to the old age formal bars rather have become informal and more comfortable places to even do meetings and business discussions. Not only this, millennial today know their spirits. And, hence all bar owners are welcoming new twists, ensuring high quality spirit, simplification and purity of flavor.

And, with this growth we have seen emergence of certain trends that was needed for the sector for so long.

Extension to the Kitchen: The bar is now being treated as an extension of the kitchen as mixology becomes more popular. Mixologists see preparing mixed drinks as a form of art and view alcoholic cocktails as culinary menu items. More attention is being paid to seasonality. Beverage directors who plan a cocktail menu based on seasonal vegetables and unique herbs and spices is what will win this year.

Adding More Colours to Drink: Drinks that are pleasing to the eye are just as important as aesthetic food plating. “Edible flowers are all the rage this year, adding a pretty garnish and subtle hints of flavor to seasonal cocktails. Elderflowers offer a slightly sweet note, while begonia flowers have a tart, Granny Smith apple flavor,” shared Arushi Gupta, Director, Boa Village. As there are many edible floral options to incorporate into your drink menu, it might be best to find a local supplier of edible flora.

Craft Spirit is a Hit: The craft spirits market has grown 19% per year since 2015 and is forecasted to grow by 15%-20% per year through 2022, Lek.com reports. Craft spirits are produced by a licensed distillery that must bottle the products in-house. Craft producers are subject to a maximum volume of 750,000 gallons per year.

Making your Own Cocktail: These days’ people travel and explore lot and hence evolving their concept towards bar trends. Instead of going straight for strong alcohol, they prefer to have cocktails. “These days people like to make their own cocktails and wanted to learn the techniques behind it. We at Duty Free also providing the session for couples around Valentine’s Day, where they can learn and make their own cocktails Varun Puri, Owner, Duty Free.

Wines are back again: “I see wines coming in strong in bar trends as guests getting educated about divergent types of wines and biodynamic wines pushing forward and gaining traction as well,” pointed Manoj Tushir, Owner of Raftaar, High Speed Bar and Lounge.

Cocktails are Major Hit: “I think the cocktail trends to look for in 2020 will be bartenders using ingredients that give cocktails more of an umami flavor. Boozy, citrus, and sweet have been experimented a lot already,” said Arush Malik, Founder and MD, The immigrant café.

Tapas Bar is Here to Stay: Tapas bar or  small plate concept is here to stay. The progressive bar will be clubbed  with the food and every individual will get bit size food with variety.

Hence, we can say that these days restaurateurs focus on the bar offerings as much as food. Cocktails are now originally created for the restaurant that would stand out and complement the food menu giving ‘exclusivity’ an all new level.

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