7 reasons home chefs could disrupt the fast evolving food industry
7 reasons home chefs could disrupt the fast evolving food industry

Today food market clients need more than just a flavor. They are exploring and experimenting with various regional and international cuisines.Its important to understand what people are buying, where they eat out, new products available in the food market and trends that excite them and know why. With the growing work culture, people are always short on time but prefer quick, hygienic, healthy home cooked food to eating out daily where food may be heavier and more importantly unhealthy. The industry is embracing new marketing tactics to reach the elusive, but viable millennial market.

From virtual reality to web series to corporate sponsorship, ideas range far and wide, in particular to attract the coveted millennial demographic. These can include playing with nostalgia or offering a "cool" factor that sparks interest.

But the pace of growth has hastened and will continue to accelerate. A report predicts that through 2018, online food delivery will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 21.1 percent, reaching nearly $18 billion by the end of the forecast period.

1.Everyone loves a good home cooked meal- When it comes down to feeding your body and mind, nothing is superior than food prepared from scratch, with quality ingredients and served with love. Its hygienic, nutritious and economical.

2. Home chefs have received a lot of exposure and have some great culinary skills- Even though many home chefs make the act of cooking delicious meals look effortless, they are self taught and often rely on their own experience and tips from other home chefs.

3. Home chefs are 30% cheaper than restaurants because of reduced overheads- Home cooked meals beat the competition hands down when it comes to saving money. At a restaurant, you're spending money on the cost of running somebody’s business, including rent and payroll. By the same token, purchasing prepared food from the grocer’s freezer involves paying for the processing, packaging, and advertising of that product — none of which adds value to the food itself.

4. Reaching or ordering from Home Chefs is becoming easier because of online marketplaces- E-commerce portals offer so much promise for the food industry and are the next big thing. E-commerce has expanded rapidly as platforms like foodcloud.in look to connect home chefs to clients.

5. The variety of cuisines that can be made available is non comparable to those offered in a restaurant – E-commerce platforms like foodcloud.in are cost effective as compared to restaurants. They are able to offer a wider variety of cuisines from authentic sources. Who wouldn’t prefer having mouthwatering treats directly from home chefs.

6. The taste and flavour is more authentic than restaurants as home chefs tend to cook their native cuisine- A Mexican lady from Mexico city living in Delhi and making Mexican food, or a Goan lady from Goa cooking Goan Food would prepare more authentic meals than chefs in restaurants trying their hands at various cuisines.

7. Since most of these chefs are cooking primarily for passion, there is a personal touch, love and care that goes towards food preparation- Ayurveda believes that the mental state of the person preparing the food directly affects the body and mind of the person eating this meal. Food should be cooked with love because emotions are transferred to it and therefore nourish the subtle aspects of the human being (psychology, emotions, spirit, etc). Isn’t that why we love the food cooked by our mothers throughout all our lives?

Author's Bio: This Article is authored by Vedant Kanoi, Founder, Foodcloud.in

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