8 design trends to watch: How restaurants are designed post pandemic
8 design trends to watch: How restaurants are designed post pandemic

The rise of the Coronavirus pandemic has directly impacted the restaurant industry and has dynamically shaped the industry to adapt to the current circumstances. Understanding the industry disruption, the place has left no stone unturned to prove themselves resilient. From enhancing new interiors, to bringing new design trends the foodservice industry has certainly pivoted to new offerings to keep afloat in these difficult times.

Here are some enduring design trends in interiors & architecture that we are seeing in restaurants post-pandemic-

Expanding outdoor dining: The pandemic has forced many restaurants to change how they usually operate, dining out took a big hit, many restaurants expanded their outdoor dining space, using parking space or other outdoor space was in trend. In some cases, places having existing outdoor space got it renovated adding new life to open area making it more welcoming and exciting for their guest to sit and chill safely. Keeping safety as an utmost priority these outdoor seating had Plexiglas barriers between booths encouraging guests and customers to maintain social distance.

Digital transformation is on its way: The restaurant industry is developing and leading to new technological advancements in this space, having said that QR scans or codes are one thing we could easily find out post-pandemic. These quick-response scans have broadly replaced printed offering menus in cafes, bars keeping interactions contact-free all you have to scan and order or pay. This digital transformation has truly leveraged the capabilities of restaurateurs to learn how to meet the demands of modern-day customers.

Open kitchen to gain loyalty: The restaurants even changed the layouts also wherein instead of having the kitchen at the back, having an open kitchen and table around the kitchen wherein food will directly be served on the table was more comforting and promising for customers. These open kitchens just not only allowed guests to just come and dine in but they could see how safely their food is prepared.

Curbside pickup and drive-thru designs: Drive-thru gained immense popularity over the last year as the coronavirus pandemic closed indoor dining and made consumers not enter the restaurants & big chains. The restaurant industry is bringing innovations & creatively adding the latest design trends to their space to help enhance the safe & enjoyable dining experience for their customers.

Creative Partitions: With most of our daily lives confined to the home, the importance of having separate spaces in the restaurants is what customers like the most. Dinning is an experience; a simple addition of wall effect will create a brand new experience for the customers. These partitions enhance the diner’s experience creating safe, flexible areas improving the beauty of each portion.

Rooftop dining space: Rooftop dining spaces have always been popular and loved by everyone but after the pandemic, the rooftop place in restaurants got a new breath ie restaurateurs heavily invested in the decor of their rooftop making it an attractive place to dine in. The place is open for business all year round be it winters or summers, the rooftop dining is famous among millennials, youngsters who crave to vibe in both weather and place.

Making it more photo-friendly: In the age of Instagram, restaurants find a way to look unique and different and this is when interior design plays its role. In today’s time youngsters, millenials love to post where they have been all day long. To make sure your restaurant looks instagrammable you need to go with the trend, adding certain designs, bold text can easily help your place grab attention and new customers.

Comfortable seating: Everyone today wants to be comfortable and finds a space which can be called “my space”, due to the office’s closed colleagues and team members love to meet outside to enjoy or have short meetings and spend time working there for longer & longer hours. Looking into these restaurants has placed cushioned seats, chairs into their dining floor layouts. 

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