‘A Chef is Responsible for What He Puts on the Plate,’ says Chef Michael Swamy
‘A Chef is Responsible for What He Puts on the Plate,’ says Chef Michael Swamy

A renowned chef, writer, and wildlife enthusiast, Michael Swamy, known for his thorough exploration of various culinary traditions, has been called "the historian chef" for his expertise. His passion for the natural world and its creature is also evident in his approach to cooking that emphasizes the use of locally available ingredients that can be prepared over an open fire in the heart of a forest.

After completing his education at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu in London, he has earned the title of a Gourmand Award-winning writer. Chef Michael is dedicated to elevating food and culinary traditions beyond the traditional dining setting. His culinary adventures have taken him to the peaks and depths of the Indian wilderness, where he has explored various cooking styles, from bush cooking to local cuisines, each with its unique presentation. Chef Michael Swamy shares his insights on major food trends, upcoming food workshops and his new restaurant.
Excerpts from the interview:

What are the major food trends seen in the Indian market?

People are more into South American food and local food these days. For me, I am taking the adivasi cuisine for the foreigner in the jungles. I am serving the local adivasi food to them in the five-star dimension.

Do you source the ingredients locally? 

Most of my ingredients are sourced locally as I believe in sustainability. As it’s high time we should think about sustainability for the environment, for ourselves and for the future. And, a chef is responsible for what he puts on the plate.

What is your signature dish and speciality cuisine?

Pasta based dishes and Empanada are my signature dishes. French and South American is my specialty, but I am also exploring more on local Indian food for the past decade now.

How much do you believe in seasonality and local sourcing?

I believe more in seasonality and local sourcing as one can play with the local ingredients and give them an international touch. I source from the local markets mainly.

Can we see you opening a restaurant very soon?

I have been associated with five restaurants already wherein I was the partner and now I am not working with them. But, very soon, I will be a partner again in a restaurant at Houston with a client. It is still in the planning stage. But, we are planning to launch it by end of this year.

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