A Look at Your Menu: How You'll be Eating in 2019
A Look at Your Menu: How You'll be Eating in 2019

Indian F&B industry has witnessed various new trends with people becoming more experiential and choosy about what they eat. 2018 was the year of food startups and players who focused more on healthy and natural eating. Meanwhile, we also saw many global players capturing the Indian market by adapting the local palate and developing their menu accordingly. Restaurant India went to the food and beverages fraternity to list the top five food trends that will 2019. A Closer Look!

Eating Right is on Menu: Over the years people have developed this habit of eating right. They want to know the original source of food, how it is being made and what benefit it gives to the body. There is also a sudden change in eating habits by people turning vegan. “More awareness about eating right is welcoming us in New Year. The awareness about vegan, healthy and conscious eating will rule the world,” shared Susmitha Subbaraju, Co-Founder, Carrots India that is India’s first vegan restaurant.

Organic/ Sattvik Food is here to Stay: People have always loved eating fresh and organic foods. It takes them back to the origin, authenticity of the food. “Traditional food, authenticity and honest cooking ( organic farmed products / satvik food) will be the most sought after in near future,” said Vikas Vichare, executive chef, W Goa.

Health will Remain in Focus: Health- and hygiene-conscious consumers tend to adopt healthy eating options forcing restaurant owners and chefs to add healthy eating options to their food menus. As a result of this many restaurants have started serving health food and organic food as their core offerings seeing the ongoing demand among the millenials. “I think we’re all already adapting to healthy lifestyle because as you know our breads are no more white bread they are either whole wheat or multi –grain and same with the biscuits which are either digestive or multigrain. We all are already changing and people have become more health conscious. We cannot change our lifestyles or society pressures but we can always change our habits by adapting healthy ones,” added Shyamal Panchmatia, M.D, L.B Consumer Goods Pvt Ltd.


Fusion Food is attracting the Consumer: Evolution of food is happening, thanks to the innovation in traditional menus. Fusion food, with extensive use of foreign ingredients in traditional Indian dishes, is attracting the experimental consumer. Indian food continues to grow strongly along with growth of ethnic and regional cuisines. Foreign players are adapting to the local palate, whereas locals are introducing foreign flavours in their food.


Traditional Food is Back: The rise of ethnic cuisine has not been limited to QSRs or dine-in restaurants. It is also evident in the café space with the rise of a multitude of chai cafes. Tea chains around the country are looking to break free from their traditional outlook and that of their older and more established counterparts—coffee retail chains such as Café Coffee Day and Starbucks. Also, chefs and individuals are promoting cuisines from their regions. Somebody doing Bohri Food or someone bringing the flavours of bihari or santhali food to their menus.

“People are going back to the basic. Home-cooked food, grandma’s recipe and old age ingredients are capturing the restaurant’s menu,” pointed Hemant Oberoi, Chef & Owner, Hemant Oberoi.

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