A Win-Win Deal for Restaurants and Consumers! How To Snag Profits With This 100% Vegan Debit Card
A Win-Win Deal for Restaurants and Consumers! How To Snag Profits With This 100% Vegan Debit Card

Vegannection created a rage as soon as it was launched; it's the world's first 100% vegan prepaid cash card. Vegannection is created and run by an international group of humble vegans who set out to do what they can to contribute to making this world a better place.

"We are very grateful to have extremely talented and dedicated professionals on our team committed to making Vegannection as great as possible."
~JP McCormack

JP McCormack, Vegannection Partner, the UK and Ireland, tells Restaurant India about the world’s first 100% vegan debit card and its scope in the Indian market.

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The Idea Behind Vegannection

Having experience in running a vegan business, we have felt, first hand, how difficult it is to compete with non-vegan businesses and already established big brands. On the other hand, we had this idea about creating something that would entice people to buy vegan products even more. Joining forces with other vegan professionals and having conducted extensive market research, we have developed this tool that would support 100% vegan economy and give people a better shopping experience while rewarding them for buying 100% vegan.

Response from the Restaurant Partners Worldwide

Given how Vegannection is not limited to just restaurants, we have been getting an amazing response from all types of vegan businesses from around the world. The things that our partners point out is how easy and practical it is to work with Vegannection card and how the consumer benefits Vegannection offers bring them more clients.

Vegannection in Indian Market

With vegan restaurants, catering and home delivery becoming available in almost all the cities, veganism is definitely on the rise in India. What we at Vegannection will be looking to accomplish will be to help vegan restaurants and food establishments grow even more by rewarding the conscious consumers for choosing them, thus, bringing them more clients, and loyal ones.

Vegan Food in India

It is widely known that, when it comes to Vegan food, India has one of the friendliest cuisines around. Flamboyant use of spices and sauces charms new life into the likes of potatoes, cauliflower, peas, and eggplant which makes us all the more excited to partner with Indian vegan food establishments.

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Promotional Strategy with Vegannection

Our promotional strategy is based on constant research, development and upgrading of our service and the referral aspect of Vegannection where our clients enjoy the benefits of vegannecting with other people.

We believe that the best possible marketing is the excellence of the product, the better it is, and the more people talk about it.

As a result, Vegannection has already been featured on radio shows, major internet vegan media brands and despite being focused only on London, the UK, we now have cardholders in 37 different countries worldwide.

We obviously maintain a very active presence on social media, but for the most part, we just let Vegannection speak for itself.

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Vegannection Expansion Plans

Our current plan is to focus January on London area, followed by other cities in the UK come February, then other countries in Europe such as, Spain, France and Ireland in March after which we will turn to other continents looking to expand to Asia, US, South America, etc.

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