Alco-beverage Trends to Watch Out in 2023
Alco-beverage Trends to Watch Out in 2023

Drinking habits and trends are changing as a result of the shift in consumer preferences. Earlier, mixers were a strict no when it came to consuming a drink but now a majority of people are in the favor of mix-matching and trying flavoured cocktail mixers with the motive to enhance the taste. In addition, the current generation gives a lot of thought to their beverage of choice. They are invested in knowing the background of the product they are consuming. Given the widespread adoption of sustainable practices, selecting a beverage is actually a significant choice. Drinking sustainably produced beverages is now a key priority and will continue to be a popular trend in the future.


Apart from that, the pub culture is significantly growing. Gone are the days when celebrations were limited to the home. In fact, now the idea of celebrating an occasion involves a great pub with great ambiance, food and dance. As a result, people are more intrigued to try out new alcoholic beverages. Moreover, colored spirits have lately become a trend resulting in consumers trying new unique colored spirits. Thus, these distinctive and innovative fads are paving the way for new trends to come in the future. 


Alcoholic beverage trends that will rule 2023

Pre-packaged drinks: Pre-packaged drinks came into the trend since the outbreak of the pandemic. Because people were restricted to their homes, ready-to-drink beverages became the saviour due to their portability and convenience. Experts in the field predict that the market for alcoholic beverages that are ready to drink will rise by 3% globally and reach about 32 billion dollars by the end of 2024. Also, keeping a tap on the consumer interest and preferences, ready-to-drink alcohol manufacturers are mainly moving towards canned beer, cocktails and hard seltzers in order to provide that ease of drinking to the consumers. In fact, as we advance, pre-packaged drinks are going to be primarily preferred by consumers.


Mix and match: People nowadays have become more open to experimenting with their drinks. Especially with changing needs and demands of the new-age generation, trying unique things has become the new trend. There is no doubt that the sensory experience of the drink has taken precedence, whether it is through the use of flavours based on tea, berries, citrus, coffee, rhubarb, and more. Whether it is flavored vodka or gin, people are everyday preferring it over their old boring drink. Aside from that, there is a rise in the use of cocktail mixers, and individuals are all the more driven towards trying their drinks with different mixers for sake of enhancing the taste. This rising trend is anticipated to continue until 2023 as fresh flavours and concepts emerge.


Sustainable beer: There is no denying the fact that consumers have become more conscious of their choices and are looking forward towards more environmentally-friendly alcohol options. Brewers have therefore developed innovative ways to include sustainability into the production of their goods, one of which is sustainable beer. In fact, some brewers have also chosen locally produced ingredients as a means of reducing emissions in addition to packaging and renewable energy. As a result, more and more people can be seen going for sustainable beer and in the future as well the adoption is expected to rise.


Low ABV drinks: Mindful consumption has become the new trend which is expected to grow in 2023 as well. Consumers today are looking for non-alcoholic or low-alcoholic drinks as alcohol substitutes. Not only that, but people are also moving towards drinks that contain a low alcohol content for the sake of their own health and well-being. In addition, the number of goods aimed at conscientious drinkers is constantly expanding, regardless of whether consumers choose the smart option, the lighter option, or the completely non-alcoholic option.


Choose your drink: With the emergence of numerous innovative, distinctive trends, the alcoholic beverage industry has come a long way. Ready-to-drink beverages, sustainably brewed beer, and drinks with low alcohol volume have all changed how people drink today. Additionally, mixing and matching has emerged as the latest craze, encouraging people to experiment with their drinks. Not only that, colors and flavors have altogether taken the industry to another extent. Going forward, more such trends are anticipated in the future, thereby influencing consumer interests.


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