All 400+ Outlets of This Brand Serve Exactly the Same Buns Across the Globe
All 400+ Outlets of This Brand Serve Exactly the Same Buns Across the Globe

Suraj Bahirwani realized at an early age that his passion lied in entrepreneurship. At the age of 17, he dived into the world of exports by starting a small venture in the name of Eternal Mark Pvt. Ltd. in Hong Kong. In this humble beginning lied many lessons that he quickly learned and used it to his advantage. His company Eternal Mark Pvt. Ltd. & Emcorp Pvt. Ltd. has now been in business for over 20 years with 100s of satisfied customers worldwide which are from India, East and West Africa, Europe, Russia and the USA.

Suraj has now put his footsteps into the arena of the food and beverage by launching Papparoti in Mumbai with his new company N.K. Hospitality. With years of experience and a knack of understanding of the industry, he feels confident that this venture will echo the success of his other projects.

In an interview with Restaurant India, Suraj Bahirwani, Co-Founder, Papparoti, shares what made him bring the brand concept to India.

Being the Founder of Papparoti

Left to right- Kunal Jethwani , Suraj Bahirwani and Nitin Jethwani (Co-founders of Papparoti)

The first time I bit into the Papparoti bun in Dubai, I always knew that I had a winner and had to bring this to India. It was a lot of hard work and took up a lot of time dealing with Papparoti Malaysia and Dubai, finally getting the brand into India is like a dream come true, but this is only the start though, we have a long way to go. 

Papparoti Concept is Different from other Cafes/Kiosks in the Market 

Along with our wide variety of coffees and signature teas, we have a unique and delicious bun concept. Our USP is our quality of buns which are exactly the same from Malaysia to Dubai to India and everywhere in the world. Our motto for the buns speaks volumes "every bite different expressions".

Cold Americano with PappaRoti Bun

All 400 plus outlets in the world serve exactly the same buns which are exported out from a kitchen in Malaysia to every cafe around the world.

We are the first players to get the fancy bun concept into India.

Besides, Papparoti is the first cafe to have a strong focus on food. We have an in-house kitchen team that serves freshly-prepared pizzas, pasta sandwiches and more, unlike other cafes who serve ready-to-eat items.

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Papparoti’s Competition in the Industry Segment 

The F&B sector in India will always have high levels of competition from domestic and international players and when we arrived we were ready for that. Our strength lies in our uniqueness, excellent brand name and a wide range of products. 

Home-baked Snack Industry in India 

Milk Tea with PappaRoti Bun

India is among the fastest-growing emerging markets. The snack segment in the F&B industry is growing very rapidly in India, at over 20% annually. We are very confident about our product as the bun and chai concept is Indian by heart and, honestly, the consumers really care about is - taste. 

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Growth and Expansion Plans of Papparoti in Next Two Years 

Currently, we have one store in Mumbai, one in Hyderabad and two in Chennai – a total of four stores. We will launch a store in Pune by the 2nd week of March followed by two more stores in Bengaluru in April. We plan to open a few more stores in metros and slowly move to tier 1 and tier 2 cities. We plan to have about 12 stores by the end of the year and about 25 by the end of 2020. 

Franchise Partnership Model that Papparoti Currently Follows in India

Black coffee with PappaRoti Bun

Currently, we are following the supply chain model. We charge a fixed franchise fee plus remuneration on sale in return of our brand value, know-how and expertise. 

Key Points for a Potential Area Franchise Partner of Papparoti 

Main points we consider for a potential franchise partner are Capital Availability, Locations, Passion for the Business and Scalability. 

Franchisees Can Miss These Things Due to the Lack of Expertise or Unawareness 

Milk Tea with PappaRoti Bun

What franchisees often miss, as they add locations and grow their portfolio, that accounting and reporting for a multi-unit franchise; it is altogether different from the accounting for one business. We often see newer multi-unit franchisees miss opportunities to operate more effectively because they don’t look at each location as a standalone profit centre, with the ability to share management expenses. 

Biggest Mistake from the Incoming Franchisees and How To Avoid it 

We want to work with new franchisees as a team. The problems a new franchisee might face are something we have already been through. So, a new franchisee should not be afraid to take our help and communicate. Our support, expertise and company resources will be extremely helpful to the franchisee. Secondly, the potential franchisee should learn to walk before he starts to run.

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