All about what's grilling in the barbeque market
All about what's grilling in the barbeque market

The food industry keeps updating itself at a fast pace. Trends come and go but only a few manage to stay. One such is the increasing trend of live grill in barbeque restaurants. Barbeque Restaurants and their population is growing at a fast pace and is taking along the trend of live grill with it! “The guests are experimental and they love to do new things. Guests are looking forward for new & unique option. And a live grill restaurant offers live cooking, extensive buffet spread, vibrant atmosphere and great music”, says, Manpreet Singh, Owner, Bon Barbeque & Pinch of Spice.

What’s Grilling?

There have been a lot of changes in the traditional live grill cooking. Restaurants are trying to innovate and bring new dishes to the plates. They are doing everything possible to bring more innovation and thrill to an already innovative concept. “Most of the food like chicken, sea food, vegetables & fruits go well on live grills if they are marinated well. Now a days we play with beetroot, sweet potato as well which were previously only used as boiled items. We recently did a one of its kind of a food festival “Grills On Fire” in which we served more than 20 starters which were on Live grill and it was appreciated by people a lot”, shares Ashish Massey, Owner, Ancient Barbeque.

Restaurateurs are also trying to combine different forms of food experiences into one to give their audience food with a twist. “Live grill is not only a culinary experience but also an indulgence of all senses. Grills combined with molecular gastronomy definitely appeal to the ever demanding customer base,” points, Parvesh Singh, Owner, A Grill Company, Noida.


Live grilling in itself is an adventurous dining experience. Experimenting with foods and dishes is what has already been done here. Other than this not much can be done with the food. But a restaurant does not only comprise of food but is made up of quite a few more things. These restaurants try to innovate in that sector as well. “A wide display kitchen, where the dining guest can see through the glass and enjoy watching chef's preparing their dishes. Tables are placed with different types of aromatic oils for oil basting to make their kebabs as per their own taste. Varieties of dips are there to enhance the taste even better. Live Band presence in the restaurant makes the environment even more soothing”, adds Singh.

Future Growth

According to experts competition in this sector is growing every passing day due to the popularity of this concept. And this will go on for a period of time but competition and competitors offer a great opportunity to improve and understand new trends of the industry. Every other day a new restaurant opens up with the same theme and domain which shows the increasing demand and rising popularity of live grills.

“BBQs are more suitable for cultures that congregate in the open more often. So in a country like ours where the elements are brutal, grilling your own food in the comfort of temperature controlled environs is definitely the future” concludes Singh.

Hence, we can say that the future of grill seems to be bright but a lot of efforts have to be done to keep it growing at a consistent pace. With such demanding customers, the need for innovation has become the top priority of such restaurants. 

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