Antares for me is a place to truly express my passion: Sarah Todd
Antares for me is a place to truly express my passion: Sarah Todd

How was Antares conceptualised?
Antares for me is a place to truly express my passion for food and be able to directly share it with everyone. I think there is nothing more fulfilling than sharing food with as many people as possible. Antares is the brightest star in the Scorpius constellation, which is my star sign.

What's that one thing which makes your restaurant different from others?
We have tried to create a unique and fun vibe in Antares by introducing sharing plates, so that one can dine casually, having great conversation. I think with the Aussie twist and a great grill menu, diners will get a true feel of Australia, after all we do love our barbeques.

Tell us about your partnership with Ashish Kapur?
Ashish is the instigator behind this project and truly is a mentor for me. His has an expertise in the industry, owning 50+ restaurants and has been an integral key in the success of Antares and I am sure I will keep learning from him.

How is the menu designing done?
Firstly, it’s all about the local produce, this is so important to ensure a steady flow of quality produce. I then take inspiration from the Australian cuisine and adapt it to fit the local palate. It’s all about finding the balance with dishes, using quality fresh produce and keeping it fresh and innovative.

Why Goa as a location?
Antares is well placed at one of the most beautiful cliffs in India, overlooking the Arabian ocean. With such stunning views, the property truly did blow me away. The restaurant is designed to complement Goa, I think it’s all about bringing the outdoor in and keeping the look as natural as possible, we’ve used lot of bamboos, local wood and stones to give an earthy Goan feel whilst trying to create a stunning beach vibe where guests can hang out, drinking cocktails all afternoon, slipping into the beautiful pink sunset and stay into the night sharing tapas with friends.

How often do you innovate the food?
The food is being updated on a monthly basis depending on what produce is available. I’m also constantly gaining inspiration and am always on the lookout for new and exciting dishes to create for the Antares menu

What is your expansion plan?
For now my main goal is to see the success of season 2 for Antares and if all goes well, I can think about where to next!

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