Asian Hawkers Fair will be a voyage of discovery for foodies- Sourish Bhattacharyya
Asian Hawkers Fair will be a voyage of discovery for foodies- Sourish Bhattacharyya

How Asian Hawkers market will be different from other food fest?

As the name suggests, Asian Hawkers market is very different. It is only going to focus on restaurants which give Chinese, Japanese and South East Asian cuisine. We are not including anyone else and it is very much focused food fest. Here, people in Delhi love Chinese, South East food after Indian food and that’s how the Asian food market was born.

As it will be a fest celebrating Asian cuisine. How many restaurants have partnered with you as of now?

We have 26 restaurants and one individual operator as of now. We have many popular restaurants with us and have got the best brands to cater to the guests in the festival. From restaurants like Bercos to Yum Yum Cha has responsed to partner with us.

Asian Hawkers Market have four founders. What is the responsibility look like between four of you?

We have got two experts and two amateurs. I am the lead amateur, so my job is looking after brand building, PR and marketing. Atul Sikand runs the most successful Face Book group and its membership is around more than 25,000 as it is a popular recipes sharing group. Tanveer Kwatra is the talented chef and also the technical man. Whenever we got stuck in menu planning or something, he helps us in that and Siddharth Mathur is the man behind the Social cafes and he is Riyaaz Amlani right hand man.

What is the benefit out of this fest? What is the amount that you are charging from participating restaurants?

Benefits are obviously three days of good eating. It is just after the Durga Puja and hopefully the weather will also be perfect. So we are looking for great evenings, where people can just go out, look around for some shopping at Select CityWalk and can also come to the fair. Our biggest partner or the biggest support has come from Select CityWalk. They are doing every possible way to support us through their channels.

I can’t disclose the fee that we are charging from participating restaurants. But we are the minimum liability partnership company. The amount we charge from the restaurants is the lowest amongst all the competitors. That is why so many people have participated and also we have not given any special discount to anyone, it is same for everyone.

How much does social media included when marketing?

Social media is very large platform for marketing. We are promoting via Instagram, which is very active and soon will be in Twitter. Our Face Book page is very active; we also have Face Book group as well as page. And from today we will be officially going on BLITZ. And in two weeks you will find us everywhere even in newspapers. We have put Asian Hawkers wall of frame in the Select CityWalk food court my square which will be a great visibility point for everyone.

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