Aurangabad based Kream N Krunch to focus on tier-III cities
Aurangabad based Kream N Krunch to focus on tier-III cities

Please share your entrepreneurial journey and what led to the birth of your brand?

Born out of passion for food, this exquisite food chain is truly a celebration of love for food, family and friends. After having watched a documentary on national TV about food adulteration, Raman Kapoor decided that he would only give the best and purest to his family. Upon acquiring cows at his farm in Aurangabad, he went on to supply the surplus to his neighbourhood. Enter his lovely wife, generous host and chef-d’oeuvre in to the scene. She churned out delicious milkshakes and bakery products that soon became the talk of the town. The 16-seater eatery, gained appeal because of its wholesome and good quality products, the restaurant also had cute ‘cow’ motifs running through its décor and menu, making it a delightful conversation starter.

Now, we have moved to a 90-seater plush location and under the belt is not only the signature restaurant but also a lounge/resto-bar that is seen plating delicious pan-Asian cuisine. Apart, from the two restaurants we have also ventured into catering, a food truck called ‘Kake da Truck’, which is the first food truck in Aurangbad serving the best of Knk’s food on the go.  In March, we are opening Aurangabad’s first live music lounge too.

How many stores are there within your brand today and what is the average store size?

We started with one restauraunt called Kream N Krunch, now in addition to this; we have one lounge and one food truck. Kream N Krunch has 94 seats, Ka Lounge – 36 seats and Food truck – Kake da truck.

What are the challenges with growing your business– i.e. maintaining standards, brand integrity, customer experience etc and how have you met these challenges?

The initial challenge that any restaurunt faces is building a brand’s name. When we opened KnK the only strategy was to give everyone the best food in Aurangabad. Once we were successful in doing that the business grows by word of mouth.

Once the brands was established and keep getting customers back was the second challenge. We continously upgrade our menu, add new items, hold food festivals to keep people excited about Kream N Krunch. Also, finding talented chefs who can keep up with the innovative menu and the customer base in a citly like Aurangabad is an ongoing challenge.

Can you tell us more about your business operations from the standpoint of loyalty Program, technology (Hardware & software), raw material sourcing and talent recruitment & training?

Currently, we don't have a loyalty program or an application for online delivery (it’s in the work).

For raw material, we source our stocks from all over the country. Since, Aurangabad is a small town and we don't want that to limit us. So, we get our stock from Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and from wherever else we can get.

What are the different types cuisines served at your restaurant?

Indian, Chinese, Italian, American is what we serve to our customers.

Where would you like to see your brand in next 5 years?

We intend to expand the brand within Aurangabad and neighbouring tier-3 cities.  We want to add a couple of more food trucks under our banner, open a live music bar/lounge and focus on building out door catering capcity to increase the reach of our food.

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