Authentic cuisine is the order of the day - Chef Jatinder Uppal
Authentic cuisine is the order of the day - Chef Jatinder Uppal

On Indian cuisine

Indian food is now becoming popular abroad as well. In fact, it is one of the most popular foods in UK. And I think Indian cuisine has to be more advertised and displayed so that people start understanding what Indian food is. Besides, it has got a huge variety of cuisines and everybody has to learn a lot from regions.

Indian food in foreign land

I have been in the UK for long. The cuisine served there is authentic, though some restaurants have done fusions and have changed their food. But still authentic cuisine goes a long way. Fusion is allowed but we want to promote authentic Indian cuisine. We, along with Tourism Ministry are also publishing a book on Indian cuisine which is covering all the regions of India. So, we are going to standardise the regional cuisine which is the authentic recipe.

On associations like ICF

Our association is to promote the young chefs in the industry. Our association guides the young chefs and we are encouraging and cultivating the young talent to do something good for the industry.

On menu designing

Restaurant menu is always supported by a variety of factors including the theme, cuisine and restaurant category. Also, budget and clientele are two important factors of menu designing. Location too is very important in opening a restaurant.

Role of food consultant

Consultants guide people on how exactly they can go about to do the business correctly. From planning the kitchen, deciding on menu to pricing and marketing, a consultant needs to advise the right thing.

On food laws

The Food law passed by FSSAI is not at all stringent rather it needs to be in place and that is what we lack in India. We have to have that law in which the restaurant gives safe food to the customer. And I think it is a good step forward.

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