Baking Success: This educationist turned her baking passion into a business
Baking Success: This educationist turned her baking passion into a business

2020 and the pandemic has given birth to many new concepts, all thanks to the people who were sitting at home, generating some unique ideas and converting it into a concept/model. When we talk about the food industry alone, the pandemic has given birth to many new concepts especially the rise of home bakers and home chefs. One such story came from educationist Namita Zutshi who used to run & manage franchisees of a pre-school brand. Namita always loved baking cakes for her family and it was in July 2020 that she got a kick to transform this passion into a business. “Pandemic was the time when many of us in majority were relaxed.We didn’t have daily schedules or commute rush in mind and people thought that this time can be utilized doing things they have loved for years,” she added by pointing that she now delivers 75 k -1 lac order per month. She has recently tied up with Zomato & Swiggy and through these aggregators expects biz volumes to triple.

Namz Bakehouse

Excerpts from the interview with the effervescent Namita Zutshi:

How it all began?

I had a lot of time now as my son is now in college. It was one day that we were just sitting and thought of doing something that was more productive. And, I knew what to do as I have always loved baking for myself and family. Also, I always wanted to do something from home. This was the combination that allowed me to do something while being at home and a passion that I have enjoyed doing for a couple of years now.

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What was the motivation behind Namz Bakehouse?

It was in the July last year that my husband; Mr. Sanjiv Zutshi who himself is working as Chief Operating Officer for a K 12 school franchise Chain encouraged me to do it professionally. Also, my in-laws were very supportive in bringing this concept live. And, luckily it has been doing well and that’s very encouraging for me taking baking as a profession going forward.

The first order

I remember last year I baked a cake for my husband and just after two days one of the people who saw it on Facebook asked me if we take orders. And, that’s where t started. My response came as Yes although I was not doing it professionally or taking any orders. When things have to happen, your minds go in certain ways and that’s how Namz Bakehouse came into being.

Namz Bakehouse

Baking sweet success

Namita Zutshi

What are the different varieties of cakes you do?

I love doing Fondant cakesthatcome between Rs 3000& more, specialty cakes that is anywhere in the range of Rs 800- 1000, and healthy cakes that comes for Rs 600-800.

How is the delivery managed as you haven’t partnered with any online aggregator?

I have two drivers and dedicated cars for the delivery of fondant and cream cakes order’s but if I have a order for healthy cakes and dry cakes that goes in two-wheelers as we have our dedicated biker’s also. We haven’t tied-up with any third part delivery as we make sure that the cakes is delivered in its true condition, with no damage.

How has been the experience?

The journey was beautiful and was little unexpected. Everymonth I had a doubt that how would the next month go but God has been very kind and I have been keeping very busy. And, it was somehow better than what I expected.

Namz Bakehouse

High on expansion

I am also trying to get a chef now as I am expanding the business on Zomato, Swiggy because online orders won’t give much time to prepare a cake and I won’t be able to do that single-handedly. I will be taking a professional chef and not a home baker because I am very focused on designing and finishing of the cake.

USP of  Namz Bakehouse

Namita Zutshi

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Top trends in Baking

I think hygiene and healthy cakes are the biggest trend going forward. The cholesterol free cakes, diabetic free cakes etc will rule the sector aspeople are very health conscious now. Also use of locally sourced material and seasonal products.

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