Benagluru based Jiyo Natural acquires Sangeeta Aahar to expand capacity
Benagluru based Jiyo Natural acquires Sangeeta Aahar to expand capacity

What made you start Jiyo Natural?

The need of having healthy food is growing every day. We are trying to balance health and taste without compromising on food quality. We don’t use any colour, no preservatives, no colour enhancer anything. Whatever we use is completely natural and that’s our core philosophy to use complete natural ingredients. For example, we make bake vada pav. We make sure food is healthy and today people are looking at healthy meal, which they get at home which is free from any kind of chemical. We are on a ride to make food balance and healthy. And, that’s the need of the people who are more and more health conscious today.

Do you have special meal plan for special people?

We also can take care of the people who are a patient, for example if somebody is diabetic we can provide a wholesome customise menu for them- if somebody has high level of sugar we would normally try to know what are the conditions they have so that we can customise the kind of food, quality of food and the quantity of food as well.

We think people get bored of the same food every day. How often do you customise your menu?

One thing that People want to look for is variety these days, even at home we look for variety every day. So, we keep changing our menu every 4th week.

What are the different kinds of cuisine you are serving?

We are serving North Indian, South Indian, and we occasionally do Chinese and Continental food. We are not a food start-up, though we are serving food and our core is food but we are a wellness start up on a ride to provide healthy food.

Who are your target customers?

We are catering to the IT companies because that’s where customers are and in Bengaluru we have majority of population from north who are working at these hubs.

You have raised funding from IAN in September. Where can we see those money being invested?

We invested them on marketing and advertising. We acquired another company called Sangeeta Aahar more from the capacity purpose to increase the number of orders. And, with this we have now capacity to do 5000 orders a day.

What are the orders that you do today?

We are doing around 3500 orders daily, our funding has actually helped us grow the business. We are growing at 20-25 per cent month on month.

How about entering to other cities?

Next round of funding we will be using on two slabs- there have been a lot of demand from other cities so we will be looking at three cities to enter and now that we know how to expand, R&D and all is in place we will cater to more customers.

Which are the cities in your radar?

In next three months we will enter into cities like Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune to begin with. And, why we don’t want to do Delhi and Mumbai market because we will do that in second phase and there are already quite a few layers in these markets so there is tough competition.

When can we see the next round of funding happening?

We are talking to VCs and angel funding companies. Hopefully, we should get some funding in next two months but we will reveal it in next six months.

What are the plans other than expanding geographically?

We are also going to other healthcare providers to get their customers on board. Companies who are into healthcare, they have a clientele who need good food as per the meal plan given to them and we will now focus on them.

What is your average ticket value?

Indian customers want value for money meal. We have an average ticket size of Rs 100- 150 per meal. 

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