Big Fat Sandwich to open 2nd outlet at Select CityWalk mall
Big Fat Sandwich to open 2nd outlet at Select CityWalk mall

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey. What led to the birth of this brand?

We are both childhood friends and are architects by profession. Siddharth has his real estate firm where I design his projects. We love and cook food at home regularly. And, being a born foodie, we both love playing with flavours.  We started working on this concept last year out of the need for a good and gourmet sandwiches. The typical sandwich that people use to get when they want to have it is either available in typical potato filler or the tandoori filler.  We felt that a different flavour and a different concept of sandwiches need to come in India where people understand flavour, but at the fast food price level so that the masses could taste it.

What was the initial investment done to launch this project?

All investments are done between both of us. It’s a passion project. Initially, every sandwich was cooked by us before we brought chefs on board. So, it’s a baby for us.

How many varieties of sandwiches you are serving presently?

We have 16 varieties of sandwiches, including 8 veg and 8 non-veg sandwich.

Do you believe in freshness of food served?

We are very much focused on Fresh herbs, sauces which are made by us. Hence, we focus on locally sourced organic product. We have partnered with Artful Baker of Lite bite Group to deliver freshly baked bread. For meat, we do it our self, get it from local market and mince it our self.  We are not Investing into restaurants, we are going into quick service restaurant and are focusing much on sandwich quality.

How has been in the response?

Being a five months old brand, people are craving for our sandwich.  And, we are getting great footfall at our outlets. On an average, we see 200-300 orders a day. We are also doing good number for other side orders including coffees, crispy fries and onion rings.

What is your expansion plan?

We are planning to open 4-5 outlets in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru. We are going to open our next outlet this month at Select Citywalk food court for six months and then we will look for a restaurant space in the mall based on the response.

Do you see any competition from the market?

We are working on very different concept. We want to introduce something different, we serve highly customise products, we marinate paneer overnight and then grill it in front of customers. Everything is served fresh in an open kitchen format.

How are you marketing your brand?

We believe in word-of-mouth publicity. Personal attention to customers, going back to their table, waiting for them which is actually lost in Delhi are some of the experiences we take care of at our outlet.

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