Boman Kohinoor of Mumbai's Legendary Restaurant Britannia Passes Away at 97
Boman Kohinoor of Mumbai's Legendary Restaurant Britannia Passes Away at 97

In 1923, like a few other Zoroastrian immigrants from Iran, Rashid Kohinoor opened his restaurant in the then Bombay. And since then, the most famous and loved restaurant is in the able hands of the third generation, serving up the best Parsi and Iranian food to the city. But no longer will the food lovers will be able to hear those age old stories as the city’s most iconic restaurateur Mr. Boman Rashid Kohinoor passed away yesterday at 4.45 PM.

A senior partner at Britannia & CO, Mr. Kohinoor was in the ICU for over two weeks. He was 97 years old and was serving the city of Mumbai since he was 23.

The legendary Boman Kohinoor

Boman Kohinoor was 20 years old when he took over the reins of Britannia & Co that was founded by his father Rashid, in 1923. “My great grandfather was a farmer and had come to India from Iran and was not educated. In India, Parsi’s helped them to start Chai, bakery business. My father was three year old, he grew up here. British people developed Mumbai and my grandfather was in restaurant business so my father too started with the business and launched this restaurant in the office area of Ballard Estate,” Mr. Kohinoor mentioned in an interaction with Restaurant India during 2015.

His father started this restaurant in 1923 when he was born, so he was as old as this restaurant. He joined the legacy in 1943 after finishing his education. And completely took over the business. Known for his incredible hospitality—“Try the Berry Pulao, it’s my wife’s recipe.” “You’re having only one Berry Pulao between two people? Are you sure?”—Mr Kohinoor will be remembered for his love for Queen Elizabeth and the royal family, whom he had the chance to meet in 2016.

Read his complete journey below:

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