Brand integrity is something we truly believe
Brand integrity is something we truly believe

Moving to Goa in 2012 and being a true foodie made Shefali Singh decide to open KOI ASIAN DINING.  KOI is a fish that brings peace and prosperity for people who believe in Feng Shui, and that’s exactly what we need in the world today; Peace!  Being an Asian Restaurant the name just fit aptly.

Incorporating the best design

The design element incorporated is modern but with a lot of Asian influences to the space.  The buddhas, gold coloured walls, cane furniture and artwork really give the Asian feel to it.  KOI has a dining area of 120 people at a given time.

Dealing with challenges

Challenges are faced by every establishment; we at KOI face them well.  Overcoming them is not impossible for us and we would like to believe we do a good job with that.  We personally conduct staff briefings and trainings very frequently.  Brand integrity is something we truly believe in and make sure our team live the brand and are proud of it.  Consistency in our food, service and hygiene standards is what helps us maintain our standards to give optimum dining experience and customer satisfaction.

High on loyalty

Goa being a seasonal tourist destination makes it difficult to have a loyalty programme, however we surely believe in giving the best to our clients with the sourcing of fresh ingredients and preparing food without any compromise, we also do not use any added synthetic flavours, food colouring or MSG.  Our staffs are a team of highly trained professionals in their own right.

Expansion plans

We do have growth strategies in place and are working with professionals from different fields to make sure the tourists who come to Goa from all over get to know about KOI. We at KOI would like to see our brand expanding and have branches all over India, serving the same quality that we are known for.  

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