Brewing Hot!
Brewing Hot!

Witnessing this trend the coffee chains have also started manufacturing their own machines. For example, Cafe Coffee Day, one of the largest coffee retail chains in India has recently launched its own brand of coffee maker called Coffee Day Wakecup which is capable of dispensing two different flavours of coffee in 30 seconds. The machine also comes with milk frother that will help the consumer make his own cappuccino by providing foamy topping of milk.

Machines used in restaurants & cafes

With the changing demands, restaurants and cafes today prefer a unique range of professional coffee machines at their outlets that can save their staffing cost and thus new age coffee machines at these outlets can prepare a cup of coffee by  less human effort. Some of the machines which are used by the restaurant owners are super automatic machines, traditional machines, coffee dosing machines and Le Pavoni amongst other.

Commenting on the machines used by the cafes,  Rahul Leekha, Director, Di Bella Coffe India, says, “We widely use Wega Coffee Machines in Australia and in India we use La Cimbali coffee machines apart from Wega . Both are very premium machines with high performances.”

Cost accounting

Generally price of a coffee machine depends on its features and the brand the machines represent. Some of the coffee machines are available at a starting price of Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 which goes higher to a range of Rs 5 – Rs 7 lakh depending on the industry standards, durability, long-life, high performance and capability.

For example, the coffee machines made by CCD which is capable of dispensing two different flavours of coffee in 30 seconds are priced at Rs 3,999 (semi-automatic) and Rs 4,999 (automatic) exclusive of taxes. On the other hand Lavazza's sleek portable coffee machines named as Lavazza Blue 850 are priced at Rs 13,500. While the price of the high performance machines like Lacimbali and La Pavoni used by the coffee chains and restaurants in India are approximately priced between Rs 5-7 lakh.

Commenting on the same, Dinesh Singh Gosain of Indian Coffee House, said, “The price of a coffee machine depends on its quality and service. We have machines approximately ranged between Rs 2-3 lakh.”

Making the brewing easy

The machines used by the restaurants are not only competing with the industry standard but also meeting the need and the demand of the cafes increasing the efficiency of the brewing game.

Speaking on the same, Trilok Saini, Manager, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, says, “The professional machines that we use at our cafes are very efficient and works without any disturbance brewing at least 1000 cup coffee per day with its high pressure maintaining capacity.”

Coffee machines which has high pressure maintaining capacity maintains the water and steam pressures working continuously for hours without creating any delay in the business.

Coffee machine manufacturers

Coffee machine manufacturers and suppliers in the country have geared up manufacturing and supplying the best quality coffee machines seeing a great demand of the café culture in the country. Though cafes like Di Bella directly import the machine from Italy but brands like Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs buy these machines from Mittal International located in Delhi which is known for supplying imported machines and tools.

Some of the other coffee machine manufacturer names include Aroma Technical Care, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Café Coffee Day and Lavazza which have also marked their footprints in manufacturing machines.

Technical know-how

Coffee machines can suffer from a variety of faults including obstructions, blockages and electrical issues. Many of these common faults can be rectified relatively easily and prevented from happening in the first place. Many a times if the fault is major- replacement is the only solution.

One of the most common faults in coffee machines is blockages which clog the water dispenser tube and slows down the operation of the machine by preventing water from running freely through the filter basket. Using fresh water during coffee preparation is the solution for this type of blockages.

Speaking about how the damages are recovered, Saini, says, “Replacement is the only solution if the damage is major, however minor issues are brought to the notice of the manufacturers if the machine is in warranty period.”

To conclude, it is here to say that growing demand for coffee in India is giving a new direction to the equipment manufacturers by forcing them to come up with new and modern technology coffee machines giving the coffee dispensing businesses an ease by producing high quality coffee within a flash of seconds.

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