Building a brand with serenity and beauty
Building a brand with serenity and beauty

After coming back from the US in 2004, Aziz Lalani opened a venture called Flag's Restaurant.  Seeing success of the Restaurant & Bar, he decided to open more outlets in Pune & Mumbai.  Having a passion in hospitality Lalani realised he wanted to get into the Hotels, and that’s when he started scouting locations.  Goa, being a growing tourist destination and in proximity to Mumbai, seemed perfect option.  Thinking along the lines of serenity, peace of mind and the beauty of the state, he came up with Azzure, which means exactly that.

Playing with design

The design element of Azzure is all white and blue; giving customers’ peacefulness that colour white brings on the table, along with blue that signifies serenity.  Azzure is a 49 Room boutique leisure hotel, giving it a cozy yet comfortable aura around the property.

Overcoming challenges

Challenges in the hospitality industry are mainly dominated by customer satisfaction; and that is what we focus on primarily.  Seeing a smile on a guests face at the time they check-in and check-out is the biggest award we can obtain.  To achieve this, team works extremely hard and round the clock, keeping in mind all the training, standard operating procedures (SOP's) and brand values we inculcate in them.

Smooth business operations

Azzure has tied up with a young and energetic management company, Spree Hotels. They come on the table with a full team of professionals who are savvy in their own departments, hence making sure of smooth operations with highest quality of systems in place.

Serving fresh

Goa's economy works primarily on tourism, and yes, we get all kinds of tourists, hence there is enough number of rooms in Goa for all categories.  The response for Azzure has been overwhelming, and we cater to a majority of repeated guests who plan their future visits with us even before the current one ends.

Growing exponentially

Growth is a natural phenomenon any business will want to achieve, and yes, we at Azzure strive to do exactly that as well.  Today, the virtual space is something that everyone is looking towards and we are no different.  We do have a few strategies up our sleeves to concur the maximum benefits from the Internet.

The dream is to expand Azzure in all tier II and III cities as that’s where the real traveller is now moving towards, and away from the daily hustle bustle of their daily lives.

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