Burger Singh targets Rs 8-10 crore revenue by 2016
Burger Singh targets Rs 8-10 crore revenue by 2016

Burger Singh was started by Kabir Jeet Singh and two of his childhood friends to serve India made burger which was missing in the country. In a short span of time, the burger outlet has received Best Burgers award by Zomato in Gurgaon expanding to over four outlets in less than one year.

How did the idea of starting an Indian burger chain popped up?

I used to work at a burger shop in UK when I was studying there and that’s when I started experimenting with burger cuisine and spices used in it. I came back to India in December 2011, and joined Pint Room looking after their operation, expansion across the country. I kept experimenting with the recipes around burgers which were very successful between my friends and family. Then in Nov 2014 we launched this brand as a pilot project in Golf Course road. We started with one outlet and that was successful and now we expanded to four outlets in Gurgaon.

What made you name the burger chain as ‘Burger Singh’?

Burger Singh name came with two reasons one the product and second my name. It is an Indian brand with more of a Punjabi taste and so it is called Burger Singh.

Can we see something familiar with global burger chain ‘Burger King’ at your stores?

Our brand is very different, logo is different and there is no similarity with burger king at all. As far as competition is concerned we are too small to compete with the brands like Burger King. 

What was the initial investment done to start Burger Singh?

We started off with the initial investment of 1 crore between me and my family.

What is the responsibility look like between three of you?

I manage the business as the chief executive officer, Nitin Rana takes care of operation and expansion and Rahul Seth looks after the marketing, PR, recruitment and every other things related to the brand.

Where can we see the recently raised Rs 2.2 crore being used?

This small funding is been used just to expand in Delhi NCR and built a new team. Presently, we have 40 employees in team which we are planning to double over the few years.

Which are the places where we can see Burger singh setting its outlet?

We want to go to places where India lives, hence we are targeting West Delhi, Noida in the first phase and later we might enter South and Central Delhi.

What made you tweak the global burgers giving it an Indianised avatar?

We are not reinventing anything, burger is a stable product. We found that all the burgers in India are predominated by International burger chains. They are selling the burgers to Indians but are not according to our taste our palate. And that’s where we played hard; we worked with recipes from different regions, we brought chefs from various parts of India who can help us with recipes like Punjabi recopies and Bihari recipes.

What are the different types of burgers on your menu? How is the pricing done?

We have got many types of burger like Paneer burger, Chinese favour burger, Rajma burger, Kala Chana burger etc on our menu. The burger generally starts from Rs 80 and goes up to Rs 250.

Where does you stand today in terms of revenue? What is your target for the next fiscal?

We can’t share the current revenue as it is something which is very confidential. However, we are expecting revenue of 8-10 crore by next financial year.

It was also in news that you may raise another round of funding. When can we see the next round happening?

Yes, we are in talks with different institutional investors and we may raise about $3 million in next 8-9 months (June-July) to expand our restaurant in entire North India and open about 6-7 outlets in next six months. And open around 75 outlets by 2019.

You have both brick and mortar presence and online delivery options. Which is most revenue generating and gets more traffic?

We don’t have two separate models, customer has a choice to call or come to the outlets to place the order. So, we are not an online company. We want to open multiple outlets at small locations and adapt the model Domino’s is working upon.  We have midnight delivery options as well wherein we receives over 30-70 orders on weekdays which goes up to 70-75 on weekends.

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