Busting Food Myths During Coronavirus Stress
Busting Food Myths During Coronavirus Stress

Amidst the COVID 19 pandemic, cities and states are increasingly taking preventive measures to control the outbreak by closing schools, malls and advising work from home for offices limiting social contact.

The pandemic has started changing the rhythm of our daily lives, giving attention to the omnipresent question of ‘What food should we consume?’.

While Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is stressing on doubling down the hygiene in meat shops and poultry farms, the outbreak has triggered plenty of rumors on social media and other platforms regarding the false health risk associated with various food practices, leaving people confused and looking for answers while they are panic-buying supplies in the fear of quarantine.

To separate the facts from fiction we are busting below a few myths, which can help you avoid health risks and support your favorite local eateries.

Non-veg food causes Coronavirus 

There is a misconception around Coronavirus that it can spread through the consumption of meat, chicken or fish. Scientifically, there is no such evidence yet. The virus is said to be born in the wet market in Wuhan in China but does not spread through eating meat, chicken or fish. However, it will be important to maintain hygiene at meat shops to prevent the birth of such viruses in the future. So, this means you can still have your favourite non-veg foods without thinking twice. 

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Food is known to be a route of transmission

This is not true. COVID-19 is a virus that causes respiratory illness and is thought to be spread mainly from person to person. 

Eating outside food is not safe 

It is advised to not eat outside to avoid large gatherings as the virus spreads from person to person.  It is important for you to take all the measures advised and follow social distancing. But talking about outside food, we know that the virus dies with a significant increase in temperature for which it is advised to eat hot cooked food. Just like your home even restaurants and cafes have increased sanitization efforts and are going the extra mile to make sure their employees, as well as consumers, are safe from it. So, eating food from outside on a whole is not a habit you need to refrain from. 

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What about Home deliveries?

Food outlets are taking all preventive measures to secure their delivery persons and their customers. Hygiene quality has been increased. Delivery boys are equipped with masks and sanitizers. 

Moreover, now you can opt for contactless deliveries by asking the delivery person to drop your food on your door and the delivery boys dropping food at your doorsteps. Home delivery of food is a good and safer option during this pandemic. 

Social Distancing will get impacted over delivery payments

While ordering food online, make sure to use the digital payment options to avoid any physical contact. This would not impact your social distancing efforts in any way.



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