Cha Bar Offers New Range for Food Lovers
Cha Bar Offers New Range for Food Lovers

The Café culture is running these days. Cafés are primarily about the community who is comfortable enough to enhance bonding and communication whereas restaurants are about food, exploring new things and novelty. One visits cafe’ just to hang out with friends and to have some quality time.

One of the popular Tea Cafés, Cha Bar, has introduced its latest offerings, extending its menu. The latest range of exquisite food promises to give consumers a whole new experience this season and satiate their never ending craving for the specific elements they truly love. Cha Bar’s elaborate tea menu ranging from the Flowering Teas, Organic Teas, Herbal Teas, Diet Teas, Fruit Teas, to the exclusive range of Darjeeling, Nilgiri, Sikkim and Oolong, complimented by the best in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Moroccan, Russian, Sri Lankan, South African and Thai Teas – make up for nearly 160 varieties on offer to create pure joy for the customers. Whether one prefers a rich, full-bodied, strong flavour, or a light fragrant taste, Cha Bar offers a wide and enviable choice.

“This exciting new range of delicious items is added to Cha Bar’s existing menu of Ala Carte savouries such as fresh wholesome salads like the Mediterranean Salad, Classic Caesar with a choice of dressings that are perfect for a nutritious meal wide. Scrumptious finger foods like Chilli Cheese Toasts, Cha Piazi, Cocktail Sausage Rolls and fish and chips are the ideal appetizers to share with friends and family,” says Nitin Warikoo, Head, Cha Bar.

The New Offerings

Cha Bar believes that there is indeed nothing quite like a good cup of tea and a plate full of awesome food so every cup of blend and every dish of food it serves has journeyed, be it from the Dhabas in India or from across the Globe from other cultures. Following the promise to provide a differentiated experience Cha Bar has added 15 new offerings to its menu. Making the simplest of savouries interesting with a tasteful twist in the recipes, Cha Bar is sure that the exciting new range will make way into its customers’ hearts. From plain salads to wraps, burgers with a ‘desi’ twist or desserts, the range has everything to suit their well explored palate.

They have also introduced international flavour to the menu; Cha Bar will serve a tangy Greek Salad made with fresh vegetables and goes perfect with the heavy summers. The carte is appetizing for the vegetarians and non-vegetarians every bit. Customers can write their own bread stories with Cha Bar’s white, whole wheat, multigrain or focaccia breads which are served plain, toasted or grilled and settle upon people’s favourite garnishing.

The Indian Cuisine

Considering the love for Indian cuisine and local palate, Cha Bar has added a list of Indian diet to the latest menu. Food lovers will be able to taste a diversified range of Indian food which includes Chicken Koliwadaa, Maharashtrian special fried chicken served with tomato and mint chutney, much loved Matar Kulcha, Karari Aloo Tikka and Vada Pao. The menu will also have Hindustani Vegetable Burger with its desi twist, served with fries and salad.

The Desserts

Indians are known for their sweet tooth. Post the exquisite feast at Cha Bar, customers love to pamper themselves with sweets. With the latest additions in the desserts segment consumers will be able to indulge in a mouth watering journey with Palmier (French Heart) cookies, Flurys Famous Rum Ballsand Pineapple Pastries.

Cafés registered growth of 11% in current value terms. This growth was driven by the increased number of consumers using cafés, both for work meetings, quick lunches and in general venues for social gatherings. Indians have become much more accepting of the idea of having a cup of coffee or tea which made cafés popular venues among Millennials for hanging out over the weekend.

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