Clean Eating is the Next Big Trend in F&B
Clean Eating is the Next Big Trend in F&B

The best things always come unexpectedly and that’s how Chaahat Jain’s journey with CJ’s Fresh began. While interning with her brother Arjun Jain, Co-founder of The Grub Fest, the concepts of fresh, wholesome, and flavorsome food somehow arose a feeling of comfort in her. With intent to address a need, developing this comfort into a concrete business, came naturally to her. Realizing a lack in options for qualitative consumption, her journey started during January of 2016 and since then there was no looking back. Excerpts from the interview:

How did food happen to you?

Well I could take all day to answer this. Words fall short to describe the life of an entrepreneur. Ups, downs, laughter, tears, love, anger, stress, peace, and so much more is now all a part of life. However, to keep things short, in every entrepreneurial journey, the feeling of letting go will arrive endless times, the trick is- no matter what the hurdle, keep faith and never let go. Food happened to me out of passion that happened with time.

What’s the story behind naming it CJ’s Fresh?

Two alphabets that blend and a name that promises, CJ’s Fresh just clicked with the identity, and the purpose of the brand, eventually giving it the desired visual representation.

What are the design elements that popped up in your mind while setting up your venture?

Simplistic yet classy, with a calm peaceful and serene presence is how my go-to environment or design idea pattern has always been. With rustic, raw and earthy elements, the tone of the brand was heartfelt. We also wanted a circular logo, to assist as simple stamps, for describing our products.

How do you see the trends in the industry changing with time?

With a worldwide growing awareness around the parameters of health and consumption, people of our country are soon going to realize how they’ve been loyalists to scamming offerings. Soon the notion of quality is going to overtake quantity resulting in a deeper and stronger connection with the term wholesome and clean.

The menu looks as if it has a variety of things to offer. Tell us something about it.

Just like no two people can be exactly identical, the concept of comfort food cannot be a single type every day. In other words, a promising brand must comfort the needs of each and every. Being fresh and diverse, our aim was, is, and will always be to qualitatively satisfy the cravings that arise on any given day.

What is your take on introducing freshness and local ingredients in the menu?

Clean eating is the fuel your body needs. Local foods support the economy, the environment, have more nutrients, and most importantly promote a safer food supply. CJ’s Fresh has already initiated its own organic vegetable gardens, along with a switch to pink salt and healthy oils for meal preparations.

What are the various kinds of challenges you face while being in this industry?

Online platforms and nil barriers to entry, is definitely my top two. With a lack of awareness and high price sensitivity, educating the customer is a real challenge. The dominance of online platforms doesn’t make things better, barring in mind dominance also arises traits of negligence in ways highly unexpected.

What is the expansion plans?

For now strongly establishing my two outlets in South Delhi and eventually tapping East, West and North Delhi is definitely on my top list. While ensuring additions of more and more wholesome offerings and scrumptious surprises for our customer our aim is to be a one-click comfort stop-shop for each and every segment.

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