Click Plate: Changing Food Technology
Click Plate: Changing Food Technology

Technology in the restaurant industry is the new normal. More than 81 percent of the restaurants now use a point-of-sale (POS) or electronic register system, according to a study conducted by the National Restaurant Association. Card processing, labor management, inventory management and accounting tools are featured by these systems. According to restaurant operators technology improves productivity, increases sales and provides a competitive edge.

Consumers have embraced restaurant technology and they believe delicious food and high-quality service still define a good restaurant experience which comes with technological advancements. Almost 80 percent of guests say restaurant tech improves their experience especially when it makes service faster, according to a recent study focusing on diners and technology conducted by a restaurant technology company.

“The recent technological trends in the F&B business can be classified into 4 categories Technology innovation- with use of automation and AI to achieve product consistency and speed
Product Innovation- with use of newer Ingredients to excite the customers.
Operational innovation- with use of well calibrated systems and policy to maintain consistency and effeciency. Marketing innovation- the age of making a brand popular and successful. This new age of digital marketing is a wonderful platform for our chefs to talk and communicate directly to our customers, thereby getting better insight on the customer demands and working for the rite customer targets,” shares Manu Nair, the Corporate Executive Chef for Billionsmiles Hospitality Pvt Ltd that owns restaurants like Bonsouth, Southindies, Upsouth, and Billionsmiles Catering.

Reducing food waste and increasing revenue

With the availability of predictive order management software, restaurants can predict demand, reduce waste and improve profits. The task has become more efficient with automation and the spreadsheets and inaccuracies are no more the hallmark of manual processes.
There is a system that promises to help deliver quick-service restaurant and cafe operators are able to order the right amount of product at the right time which helps in curbing wastage. “Technology has become integral to the food industry. Not only in the production side of things but also in the business of food and beverage. Trends to watch for are: Dinning in - this is a format that will surprise us all. And a lot of it is and will be technology enabled. The sheer luxury of ordering your favourite meal, via an app that remembers how you like your dish, throws in a discount and keeps sending you notifications. Mindfulness and customisation is again technology enabled where each individual customer is aware of what he or she wants to consume, be it basis a calorie count, ingredient specificness or nutritional value. The segment of such Buyers is increasing by the day and only technology can ensure that this amount of customisation is possible,” shares Tarun Sibal, cofounder at One Fine Meal and Cafe Staywoke .

Technology improves your guest data

Maintaining guest data helps the staff to quickly identify the regular customers and their unique preferences, which enables them to focus on keeping those customers satisfied and coming back for more. Easy access to accurate guest data makes it easier to tailor service to known preferences. You can make your regular consumers feel special by offering perks such as their preferred seating and proactively offering their most frequently purchased beverage or a favourite treat.

“Technology has helped me in many ways. For instance the availability of the ovens, the egg beaters, different kinds of cooking cutters has made cooking a lot easier and interesting. It helps in serving meal with beautiful presentation which is necessary especially for children. The biggest advantage of technology is that we save a lot of time which is a major benefit for working people. Also, equipments like air fryers have opened more options when it comes to healthy eating,” shares Amrita Raichand, famous chef and actress.

Today guests have the ability to view, split and pay their bills at the table using their smartphones which not only saves their time but also improves table productivity. Additional features can be on-the-spot satisfaction surveys, text messaging and more.

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